The Void Part 2: The Escape


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Falling through the endless void, the four adventurers are planning a way to retrieve their bodies, in hope of returning to the world of the living...

(The four are still falling into oblivion in spirit form, unable to ressurect or hearth or move.)

Azzie: Guys, im really sorry about this...I totally didnt expect this to happen.
Timert: ......
Rauck: You know, this would make a great beer story
Bigbossman: lol
Azzie: lol
Bigbossman: But what can we do?
Azzie: Wait i have an idea
Timert: What?
Azzie: we could ask anadi or someone to group queue us into arathi basin. then when we enter the battle we would rez and get outta this pit
Bigbossman: ?
Timert: Mad skillz Azzie!
(Azzie uses telepathy to access the ears of Hunter Anadi, by command of /tell Anadi)
Azzie: Anadi could u do us a big favor?
Anadi:...I guess it depends what it is...
Azzie: Could u group sign us up for AB?
Anadi: i dunno im all the way in stv! You guys r gonna hafta wait
Azzie: Please anadi....if u knew where we were, you wouldnt be saying that...
Anadi: Where r u guys???
Azzie: Trust me, u do not want to know.
Anadi: What, is it horde or something?
Azzie:....lets say we messed with a few bugs in the game and got stuck.
Anadi: K well i still need to kill a few more of these guys. gimme 15 mins
Azzie: Thanks soooo much anadi
Anadi: Just where are you guys?? i said, you do not wanna know...
(Azzie ends telepathic communication with Anadi.)
Rauck: Try asking guildies for help. A warlock should be able to get us out
Azzie: k
(Azzie enters communicative telepathy to all present members of Redeemed by command of /g)
Azzie: hey guys is there a warlock that can teleport us out of somewhere?
Goblit: Yes but sorry, im in instance right now...
Young: I can
Azzie: OO! OO! could u possibly teleport us out of some place?
Timert: wait i dont think it'll work if we're dead...
Young: thats true i cant teleport u guys out if you guys r dead. can u guys rez?
Azzie:.....thats just the problem...
Young: Try logging off
Timert: did. dont work
Young: umm im not sure if i can help u now...
Azzie: Its ok thanks tho!
Young: Where are you guys?
Azzie:....Trust me, you do not wanna know.
Goblit: lol im curious now...
(Azzie ends guild telepathy)
Azzie: Well guys, we cant get a warlock to get us outta here cuz he cant teleport us if we're dead
Rauck: i just talked to a few friends of mine, they said our characters are screwed....
Bigbossman: WHAT??
Azzie: Relax, we'll find a way outta this.
(Anadi contacts the four with telepathy)
Anadi: K i got u guys signed up for AB. good luck guys
Azzie: thanks anadi!
Anadi: np
(The four are still falling into the endless void.)
Azzie: .....
Rauck: ......
Timert: .....
Bigbossman: ......
Azzie: whoa hey look on the world map
Timert: how come im in the searing gorge?
Azzie: it means we're still moving! maybe i can control the movement of the fall
Rauck: and maybe fly over a graveyard or something...
Azzie: nope.
Rauck: hey fatigue still works when im dead...
(Rauck resurrects)
Azzie: WHOA howd u do that?!
Bigbossman: whoa what did u do?
Rauck: eventually you'll hit water
Azzie: aha, then just swim into the black part to get fatigue?
Rauck: yup
Azzie: you are a genius.
(Azzie hits water, swims to deep ocean, dies, and resurrects. Azzie sighs a huge sigh of relief.)
Bigbossman: Wait what was that???
(The Battle of Arathi Basin calls Timert to the field)
Azzie: Oo a ticket out! Enter the battle
Anadi: well guys i've done all i can. good luck.
(Timert enters the battlefield and resurrects)
Bigbossman: I'm not eligible
Azzie: o right...lvl difference...
Bigbossman: what am i gonna do??
Rauck: chill dude
Azzie: if we can rez without the battleground, so can you
Rauck: just wait and you'll hit water
Azzie: then just swim into the deep part of the ocean by swimming in the direction of the black part on your minimap
Bigbossman: but i cant move!
Rauck: just wait. it'll happen.
Bigbossman: ......
Rauck: ......
Bigbossman: hey what's fatigue?
Azzie: GOOD!! if u have that bar going down ur good!
(Bigbossman dies and then resurrects at the graveyard.)
Azzie: WOOT!!! We're through! we're through!!
Bigbossman: yay!
Timert: yay
Rauck: man this is a great lesson in life....we now know how scary death is. But the lesson here id say is to never give up...
Azzie: indeed.
Bigbossman: wow thanks guys. i was about to quit the game if i lost my char
Azzie: yah...dude im sorry i got u guys into this
Rauck: it taught us a great lesson Azzie. no harm done at all
Azzie: thanks man. ah, the grounds of ironforge r so nice all of a sudden...
Rauck: o yeah
Azzie: what a day...i think im gonna tell everyone on the guild about this...

...And so the four victims of the Void escaped the unending fall of oblivion. Time was wasted, friends and characters risked, but in the end, a lesson learned.

My response: Rauck has a good point, but I feel there's another lesson to be learned from this. This experience really made me realize how much worth i put into this game and my character. It caused me to reexamine myself on what i hold as the higher priorities in life.

Perhaps God teaches us such lessons for similar reasons?;)
Goblit: lol im curious now...

Yep, this sounds like Goblit. :)

Another thing that might work is pressing the red ? at the middle bottom of your screen and following the prompts until you find the "auto unstuck" feature. That should help.