Thief Dungeon/WvW Build (Kryle Odalyn)


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A few people have asked me about my thief build so I wanted to link it here.|0.u36c.u56b.a1.0|2e.1|57.5h.5d.5b.0|e

This is the best buildcraft site in my opinion. I get a lot out of the effective power and effective health calculations.

With this build you are still hitting like a truck and not eating dirt. Divinity Runes are still the best but I went with Beryl Orbs. You can play with the orbs/runes and food to tweak it a bit in either direction (survive or hit harder).

I hope this helps.

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Everything is there. You need to click across the different areas (weapons/slot skills/armor/trinkets/traits/buffs). These clicks are just below the profession icons.