Today and Why Bother?


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Power Leveling

I will be conducting Power Leveling sessions as soon as I get to level 50. So, would anyone like to powerlevel me anytime soon?? :p

No, no, I will be helping everyone along as long as I am online. I mostly do both types of instance dungeons. I do the XP dungeon if everyone in my group, when inside the dungeon, doesn't make the mobs con red or higher. Otherwise, I do the Aurulite dungeons until we die, rinse, then repeat. That way, we all can get some Aurulite and better weapons/armor from Inconnu Crypt.

I will be online with my love today after 5 PM. I have a server to fix so I will only be part there for the first hour or so, then will dedicate myself to leveling. The faster I get to lvl 45, the faster I can respec to Death Servant and start powerleveling everyone and their brothers.

If y'all see me, don't bother asking me to powerlevel you. I will, just tell me to invite you :) Also, don't bother asking me for money, just tell me how much you need. Don't bother asking me for Aurulite...I already spent it heh. And don't bother asking me to help the guild...I probably won't....but I always try if you tell me to :)