ToJ Kinship under development


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Okay so I have been given the wonderful opportunity of trying to bring life to this "barren" LOTROForum.
Here are a list of things I am looking for:

1. Who all out there plays LOTRO?
2. Are you interested in formning a ToJ based kinship?
3. What type of kinship will it be:
It will be fun/casual kinship for the most part where we can join one another in fellowship and also group together to quest and such. Eventually, I hope to implement "Fellowship" groups, "raid" groups, and "end-game" content groups. Of course this is future. :) First we gotta fill out the roster a bit.

Once everyone lets me know who wants to help out or join, we will then decide on a server and "Official" kinship name. As of right now no "official" kinship is formed under ToJ, but I hope that with the efforts of a few good gamers out there we can change that.

LOTRO to me is a "break" from most of the normal MMO's the community is VERY helpful and it is more casual why still giving the hardcore gamer a good run for their money.

Thanks in advance for atleast reading this, and if you want to try the game out go to under LOTRO and there is a free 7 or 14 (can't remember) trial for the game. :) As of right now I am on Landrovale so if you try it out come join me on there.
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Hello, logos.

I would be interested in joining. I have just started playing on the landroval server. My character name is Grogalin.
Sorry to edit this but as of right now my LOTRO days have been put on hold for a bit. I am going to step away from being the Chapter Leader, so that I can devote more time to other areas that need attention right now. I know this was "quick" but things happen.
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I completely understand. Do what you have to do. Who knows, i may still be playing when you get back. I'll keep you in my prayers.
I don't know what the status of ToJ is, but there is another kinship on Landroval that has very loose ties to the CGA. Most of the officers of Band of Hope came from a WoW guild that came from a ...well, you get the point. Some of the people there knew what the CGA was when I mentioned it.

They are a Christian-based guild, altho I know we do have a small number of non-Christians. Scripture sharing, prayer, discussions are quite common. That and we play tag. Oh yeh, I'm serious.

I'm just a grunt there, so mentioning my name doesn't get you brownie points (nor does it get any for me.) Very laid back group, no hardcore raiding yet, altho there is a guild alliance set up for that.

sorry for rambling, i'm just really tired right now. anyway, any questions? check out the site or hit me back here.