Troll Issues


Just wanted to make it known there have been a few trolls getting on our LoE TS
during the day.
i do understand these things happen and my only major concern was that there was two LoE Children on at the time
not to mention i can't predict what these trolls will say at any given moment.
i did notify in guild chat of their presence and luckily they left.
but i figured i would just let everyone know whereas i dont know how to get them off the channel lol
Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps it's time to petition again for password protected rooms. The trolls seem to be a non-stop problem and no one has really offered any good solutions.

I have the ability to set a password on the GW channels if that's the way we want to go. We can publish the password ingame in our guild messages and get the word out to the regulars.

I was in the lions den channel yesterday and a user asked me if I could set a password for CGA's channels to assist with a group of 4 trolls yesterday that were harassing him.
I informed him I am just a member and have no authority to kick or ban anyone.
But I did direct him to the cga/TOJ forums
And told him if he posts a thread there maybe the staff will either set more admin powers to cover the channels when the admins are not on,such as daytime mornings to evenings or devise a password.
I agree with his concern on a few levels.
Keeping the channel family and Christian friendly would require always having some watching the Loe channels.
And a lot of people might get upset with what I'm about to say but it is my honest opinion.
1. If your not a TOJ member you have no business in the channels to start with.
If you want in our channels you need to first apply to TOJ.
This will allow Christians to be the only ones on the teamspeak and if there is an issue the TOJ/cga staff can address the user to stop the problem or take a disciplinary action if needed.
Its getting tiring having people come in yelling hail Satan and crap when my kid is on the channel.
This teamspeak is supposed to be like our guild, an escape from foul talk and family friendly atmosphere.
When we allow nonbelievers in the channel we leave the door wide open.
If it is really in your heart to witness to them then use your own instant messenger and if they become a believer and TOJ/cga member then they could join the channel.

These are just my opinions but I must say for the integrity of content I allow my 14 year old son to be exposed to, some changes need to be made or I think me and my son may be seeking out a more structured family friendly Christian environment.

Anyone else having same issues or thoughts?
Waynos, you already know my thoughts on the matter. I totally agree with you. I should be ingame tonight and hopefully more of the officers will be online as well so we can discuss it then.

I'd like to set a password on Lion's Den at the very least.
ya i think it needs to be addressed whereas it has been a growing problem for a while now.
i can ignore a few choice words now and then if i have to but i'd prefer not to hear them in the first place lol
A few times my son and Caro's son were in the channel and im sure i speak for Caro as well when i say
the kids shouldn't be exposed to that...the guild and teamspeak are supposed to be our safe zone..kinda like church it is our escape from the foul world
so we can enjoy the games and fellowship and not worry about bad content.

dont get me wrong i'm not saying this is the staffs fault because they are not the ones trolling,
but only they have the power to fix the issue or do some damage control to reduce it.
Read TOJ my post.
Clear to see voicing the issue makes staff treat me like I'm the problem
Waynos I answered Bowsers post in ToJ general. I may have a solution, let me talk to Raven, and thrash my old geezer memory. If it works I can at least get you one secure channel.
Cross-posted from the ToJ General thread on the same topic:

I have no problem adding more Channel Admins and, if necessary, Server Admins. Who is usually on during the daytime?

I still feel compelled to decline the request to password-protect the server. Neither Tribe of Judah nor the Christian Gamers Alliance are analogous to local churches for several reasons, but we are a group of believers; however, the CGA TeamSpeak Server is a publicly available resource and open to everyone willing to follow the rules. All those granted SA or CA rights have the authority and responsibility to enforce the server rules.

I'm still resistant to creating password-protected channels, but the presence of minors on the server does lend weight to the argument for such channels. I'd like to hear arguments from each side (for and against creating password-protected channels), but know that my leaning is toward not creating any more password-protected channels than absolutely necessary.

As a Christian organization, we are a lightning rod for trolls. (See John 15:18-25.) We are also called to show love and mercy to unbelievers so far as is reasonable. In working to create an environment that is both welcoming (and not closed) and as safe as is reasonable, we face constant challenges. These challenges do not show that leaders or members of ToJ have failed in either respect, but rather are consistently wrestling with the tension between protection and ministry.

Again, I'm ready to approve Channel Admin rights and, on a more limited basis, Server Admin rights to ToJ members and The Forgiven members in good standing. I would much rather enable more members to enforce the rules than raise the barrier of entry to the server.
I've created one password-protected channel for all of Tribe of Judah on the CGA TS Server. You'll find it beneath the LoE channels.

Guild officers can find the password for the channel in the Officers Forum. I'll leave it to guild leadership how to distribute the password among guild members.

I want to make it abundantly clear that I do not want people to use this channel to set up closed groups or cliques. I understand no member would start with that intention, but I have, like I imagine many of you have, seen the destructive nature of "closed circles" among Christians. In fact, this tendency is my foremost reason I'm so resistant to creating password-protected channels.

So please use the password-protected channel only when absolutely necessary and use public channels at all other times.

As Deuteronomy 10:19 says, "You also must love the foreigner, since you were foreigners in the land of Egypt."