Tron 2.0


Anyone else waiting for the new Tron 2.0 game (and movie)? Not much news on it. The last thing I know of is the game trailer that came out last year. The trailer and previews sure look great.
The movie was incredible for its time. Seeing a movie in the early 80's where you see what happens IN the computer. It was so cool. Couldn't have been better timed with the surging video game craze at the time. Seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff on the Tron DVD made me realize how big of a task the movie was. The computer graphics were tough to do. So much of the movie was unheard of before that no movie studio really wanted to take it on. Disney accepted it simply because they saw the incredible enthusiasm the producer and his team had. I realize I'm off topic...oh well.

If you know someone who has the movie, at least watch it for the light cycle scene.