Unofficial Roster

Erik Kennedy

My name is Erik Kennedy. I am 34 years old. Married for six years. I have a 16 year old son named Erik from my first marriage. I have two daughters, Deborah Jael who is 3, named after two cool ladies from Judges, and Heidi Marie who is almost two, named after my sister who passed away before I was born.

I have been gaming since I was a kid. It probably all started on the commodore 64 with The Oregon Trail. Of course there was Atari and Coleco and nearly every decent console since then. My first real social gaming was the old text based MUDs. My first experience with an modern MMO was Everquest, which I refused to play since I could not believe how many hours some people were putting into that game. Then a friend of mine got me to play WoW and I was hooked. I played WoW on and off for 3 or 4 years, and it remains the funnest MMO I have played, before and during BC. I have played too many MMOs since then to name them all, but a few are WAR, LOTRO, GW, SWG, AION, Tabula Rasa, some free trials for other well known games, some free ones like Runes of Magic and Atlantica, etc etc

I led guilds in WoW and WAR under the name <Armaggedon>

I have been a full time missionary, and a soldier in the infantry (ARMY). I was saved at an early age, rebelled and threw myself head first into sin, then as the prodigal, came home to find my Father waiting for me.

eh, that's enough about me.