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Hey guys, This was a little hobby of mine that I want to share with you all. I honestly don't expect many of you guys to actually know about the program stepmania or even machine dance in general, but some of you might enjoy this wheather you play pad or keyboard. I put countless hours into stepping some of the best and most kick arse Unreal music. This work includes both doubles and singles charts. I put a lot of effort into cordinating the dance charts and the quality should really show. I reccomend using Open ITG for playing these files because there are rolls in the songs and the current offical stepmania download dosen't support that. The link for open ITG is here. Download beta 2 full installer

I did want to do more Unreal songs, but each song file takes an average of 8 hours to do and many of the other songs drifted too much to sync. I have also done another really big step file project called Step 4 Christ that has 26 step files in it. If there are any PIU fans, I also did one last project called PIU 4 ITG. Very good quality files and songs. Really is a must have for doubles players. Includes 14 songs in the pack. Both of these other projects are for singles and doubles play as well. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these. I am embarassed to know just how much time I have spent making these packs. It was a lot of work! I included download links for step 4 Christ and PIU 4 ITG at the bottom. Enjoy!

*NEW UPDATE* Because of how popular the 4 panel pack for Unreal tournament was, I decided to remake this whole pack so that Pump It Up players may enjoy these sim files too! The link below contains all the original 4 panel sim files AND the new 5 Panel sim files as well.

Download the entire Unreal Tournament pack here!

(Chemical Burn from ut 2k4) Singles - Novice 1, Expert 10
Doubles - Expert 10
(Save Me from ut 99) Singles - Novice 3, Expert 10
Doubles - Expert 11
(Skaarj Assault from ut 2k4) Singles - Novice 3, Expert 10
Doubles - Expert 10
(Main Theme from ut 99) Singles - Novice 5, Expert 10
Doubles - Expert 10
(Transistor from ut championship 2)Singles - Novice 4, Expert 11
Doubles - Expert 12
(Go Down Mix from ut III) Singles - Novice 3, Expert 11
Doubles - Expert 11
(Death Match 1 from ut 2k4) Singles - Novice 2, Expert 10
Doubles - Expert 11
(Organic from UT 99) Singles - Novice 2, Expert 9
Doubles - Expert 10
(Lockdown Mix from UT 3) Singles - Novice 4, Expert 9
Doubles - Expert 10
(Into the Darkness from UT 99) Singles - Novice 4, Expert 10
Doubles - Expert 11

Download my other projects...

Killer Instinct

Step 4 Christ!

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Good news! My friend who is majoring in sound communications is getting a new toy and could fix up all of my broken off sync files :D I might be doing more in the future!
Yeah, hope you guys don't mind i sticky this. I just put so much freaking work into this and I wana keep updating the song list as i make more so people can simply just come back here : )
Hey guys! I'm not dead yet! New simfile is now finished! Download "Organic" from ut 99! singles steps includes a novice 2 and an expert 9. Doubles is an expert 10. Enjoy!
Guess what guys! It's finished! Download the entire UT pack and let me know what you think! :D
Hey guys! Brand new update. The unreal tournament sim file pack has now been redone so that Pump It Up players may enjoy this pack too!