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Frosted Flakes

I am currently still the Competition team leader and I would very much like to actually get a UT team up and going. I'm very serious about this and I know I will get some responses. I would like to say that my computer offically died recently and is being shipped for repair and should be back in two weeks.

I would like to see ToJ actively involved in a game besides CS and one that will be fun and allow for great team work and fellowship at the same time

Many thanks to all and God Bless
I'm assuming that you're discussing a classic UT team...I'd be up for that if we could get enough people.

Most people now play UT2003 I'm sure...it'd be cool to get a team up for that as well.
I'm up for some competitive action on either classic UT or 2003. Shagz and I have been trying to spur some interest in a possible Deathball team, but have had no luck as of yet. I imagine he would be interested in this as well but I haven't talked to him about it yet, so don't quote me on it.

Any ideas on what kind of competition we'd be doing? Classic or 2003? Instagib? CTF? We'd suggest looking into Deathball but I'm open to whatever...
neither flakes nor i have UT2003...so that would be out for us

as far as classic UT in the past flakes and i have been large proponents of CTF Instagib

i haven't played in so long tho lol
This is what my vision for the classic UT team has been for a while now. I"m looking to have fun and create a good atmosphere for fellowship. However, I would like to win and bring ToJ some recognition. Skill level isn't a huge issue because that can be worked on.

As far as the style of game type.

I personally really love the Instagib style of CTF either in the 2v2, 3v3 or full team formats. The problem is the teams out right now that still play classic UT are 1337.

I'm open for an suggestions and I possibly would consider playing a weapons ctf.

Ideas comments the floor is wide open right now guys throw the ideas as they hit yah.

Frosted Flakes
Well, I definitely enjoy the instagibbage, I'm far better in that mode than with weapons, but my experience from LAN parties is that it results in massively long CTF matches. We've had some run 3 hours for a 3-capture win...course that was on Facing Worlds
...But I imagine some of that is cleared up through different teamwork styles online and some higher pings hurting people's accuracy! lol

BTW, I'm not sure I fully understand the gaming lingo but I assume that 1337 equates to amazingly good? In all honesty, I would rather be on UT2003, but if you guys don't have it then classic UT would work just fine. Either way, count me in on whatever is decided. I'll be checking back here often.
From what I have just read you guys want a comp team for UT classic and/or one form UT2k3. Now what Im trying to fig out is why we need a team for one considering CAL only has a UT2k3 comp thingie and its 1v1 only. Just curious I don't play UT2k3 or UT Classic so im not aware of all the technicalities invovled in playing.
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Quote[/b] (Frosted Flakes @ June 08 2003,7:48)]I am currently still the Competition team leader and I would very much like to actually get a UT team up and going.
I dig it. Let me know if you need anything at all.