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I tried finding all the tips and tricks posts I've made over the years here but they're all pretty scattered and randomized throughout other threads that generally had some other purpose.

I'm pretty busy at the moment but over the next couple of days I'm going to add all the major techniques and information I have scattered around in one thread-- this thread. I've got to run now but I'll start with the item timings:


50 Shield - 27 seconds
100 Shield - 55 seconds
Damage Amplifier - 1:22 seconds (82 seconds)
Keg O' Health - 55 seconds
Redeemer (you should never need this) - 1:50 seconds (110 seconds)

All other items (weapon boxes, health packs, health vials, adrenaline pills) - 27 seconds
Here's an excerpt from another post in which I explain my control scheme. I don't use that exact one anymore since my n52 broke and I got a different mouse, but it's pretty similar. Anyway, here goes:

Do you use the mouse wheel for scrolling through weapons? That works somewhat with Onslaught, but in TDM you won't be able to keep up unless you bind your weapon keys near your movement keys, or on your mouse. It will feel very weird at first, but trust me, it's for the best. I'll give you some personal examples. The setup I used when I had the weapon selection bound next to my movement keys was this:

WASD: Movement
E: Shock Rifle
R: Rockets
F: Flak Cannon
G: Lightning Gun
C: Minigun
X: Link Gun
Q: Shield Gun
Z: Assault Rifle
1: Superweapon (Redeemer/Ion Painter/Target Painter)
T: Throw Weapon

My Say and TeamSay keys were U and Y, respectively.

Now, however, I have a Nostromo n52 Speedpad and a Logitech Mx1000 Laser Mouse. I have all my weapon binds on my mouse except two, which I have on the pad. Here's a picture of both for reference, and what function I have bound to each button:


The three thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse, from front to back, are Shock Rifle, Lightning Gun, and Minigun. Scrolling my mousewheel up gives me the Flak Cannon; scrolling it down gives me the Rocket Launcher. The button in front of the mouse wheel is Link Gun, and the one behind it is Goo Gun. Shield Gun is down on the directional pad on the n52, Assault Rifle is left, and Superweapon is up. Throw weapon is right. I have my TeamSay binds for 50 shield, 100 shield, double damage, and keg on the keys that *would* be R, F, C, and X. My "Wait, cancel that" bind is Z. For a while, I had a weapon bound to CenterMouse, that is, pushing down the scroll wheel. I found that it was too easy to scroll the wheel either up or down by accident that way.

So that gives you an idea of what has worked for me in setups. Feel free to tailor mine to suit your needs, or come up with a completely different one.
Here's an excellent tactical analysis of the Team Arena Master gametype by my good friend Zorak. It's been a while now since he's written this and it hasn't received any updates, so I don't think he will mind if I share it here.
Glad to see you got one!

Hey Kraniac, Glad to see you are using a N52, I have been using one for years now, Thanks to the tip from Coldsteel.
The N52 makes life a whole lot easier, especially for FPS gamers but I also use it in RTS, RPG's and just about 99% of all my games, FYI, Belkin is releasing a updated version of the N52 named N52 tournament edition [TE], it will be using Raptor programming software and has minor feature upgrades along with a bright blue lit key[ad, Cya online :)
Interesting UT info....

I ran across this info this morning, we have all been playing with our settings trying to get the most FPS we can reguardless of which system you are running, the article ststed that the biggest effect on game playability is the WORLD Setting, I had been playing with world and texture on 5, res @ 1680 x 1050 with a average FPS of 64 for campaign and online, both at 4, res @ 1280 x 1024 with a average FPS of 82. After reading about the effect of world detail I switched both settings to 3 for offline/minimal notice in appearance but a HUGE notice in FPS, I jumped to a average FPS of 152, online settings are now World 2, Texture 3, res @ 1280 x 1024 with a average FPS of 114.
I also found some custom player unlocks:
Alhanna: phayder
Ariel: jihan
also a very GOOD Article for all to read :)

Nice Pc to Build/or Built by now? Landslide, I know todays upgrades or even a new build is expensive, but the games are beginning to Become a Terror on PC Hardware, as for software Xp will still get you a better FPS rating but if you are like me and just HAVE TO HAVE DX 10 then Vista is the only option.
My Current RIG:
Cpu: C2E Qx6850@3ghz[OC'ed to 4.005 ghz], Video: MSI Nx8800 Ultra OC[water cooled], Ram: 2 GB DDR 3 @ 1333, MB: Asus P5K3 deluxe, PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 1000watt, Optical: Samsung 20x Dvd burner[sata 2] and Samsung Dvd rom[Ide],Sound: X-Fi,
Hard drives: Seagate 500GB x 2 [sata 2],
Case: Thermaltake Kandalf lcs[water cooled],
Monitor: 22" Samsung 226BW, Logitech G15, Logitech G9, Belkin N52
I realized after having to look for this information for more than a few minutes that it should go here...

UT3 INI Tweaks thread on MyUnreal: This is a collection of INI tweaks to fix common annoyances and improve graphics performance over at MyUnreal, where the LOB forums are. It's collected from snippets of an extremely long thread over at the official UT3 forums.

Defiance UT3 FPS INI: This is a site where you can download a verified, safe INI that includes the most common graphical tweaks to improve framerates. I use it myself, it's pretty great.
Thanks Landslide, I adjusted some of my settings, my problem is not in my FPS but with my ISP, I need a Faster Connection, ROFL!!!!!
I hear you, my connection is terrible, I am usually on when at work.......I was curious though, how did you go about setting up your own server? Just curious what the process for this was like.
I was curious though, how did you go about setting up your own server? Just curious what the process for this was like.

We rent one from GameServers.com. I just watch the Epic and other UT forums for custom maps & mods that would be a good fit on the server and upload them.
A Question: Is it possible to wall jump in UT 3? { I thought No }, but today while on the server with Coldsteel, He and I witnessed a player doing this in Campgrounds, Hmm.
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I was talking with Captain_Tea about this, he was able to make the jump one way [which is better than this old man], but what can you expect from a PEG LEG, now maybe if I had some incentive, say a Gerbil chewing away then maybe, LOL, Cya all in game :)