Wanna try out WAR again?


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Just need to PM me your e-mail (no you wan't be spammed junk) and I'll send a recruiting e-mail. If you've played the game before, you'll be able to play 10 days free to see if you wanna return. And best of all, your character will still be in the guild (99% sure, we have a lot of the WoW peoples still in it). New players won't need to buy the box, just sub and you're in!

/2 more folks until I get a free mount :p
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You say that now! /shakes dwarf fist at no one in particular
how long does this offer last? Ambry and I might be interested, but the next 10-20 days are really bad for us.
Well I quit around last fall (I think?) but was able to do the 10-day trial in March. Here's the info, so just send PM and I'll get you two started in the near future. :)
Over thirty views, don't tell me some of you aren't curious about WAR. Don't be shy, we don't bite on the server... unless you roll Destro. :p

EDIT: The Call To Arms 10-days isn't a limited offer from what I've seen, should be valid indefinitely.
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Call to Arms is for returning players, that lasts only 10 days but it includes all Warhammer content. You can opt out of this offer by the 9th or 10th day if you don't want to subscribe right after checking out the game.

Endless Trial never ends but is only the Tier 1 content with restrictions. The ORVR and Scenarios victories still go towards helping subscribed players in T2 with zone flips and the like.

So you can try the Free Trial (on a separate account), try out the Knight/Slayer/whathaveyou if you haven't already (enhanced with the new tutorial/changed starting zone which isn't cluttered :p) and then hop on the Call To Arms 10 day offer (on your normal account) to check how the endgame is when you have the free time.

I personally checked out the game first on the Endless Trial, liked the improvements, came back during a break in schoolwork, played my T3 Engi for a week and made a Slayer, loved the changes even more, and now I'm subbed since finals are done.

And for the record, Order is usually the victor in T2 and T4. Expect to see a lot of "Order just pwned Destro city" in chat. :p
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If you are going to subscribe again, it is a courtesy to go through the referral process as Keero mentioned above. He would need your email address and then send you a referral link from Mythic. The link will give you all of the information you need to get going again for the unlimited trial and possibly the 10 day return. (Keero, do you know if the referral works for returning accounts also?)

Here is a thread for brand new players to get a complete month free. It just takes a little bit of coordination with a current playing member. The end result is that the trial account gets 30 free days of all content and the current playing member gets his money back and a new friend!
Free 30 days

We have had a few new players arrive and play and hopefully some of you snoopers out there can keep up the trend! Thanks Keero for this thread!
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Hey Keero , I just tried out a 10 day guild wars trial for the pvp and couldidnt find what I was looking for lol , Anyways I'm a very old skool daoc player used to play hibs and haven't played war since it's release .

Anyways I like to hook up but first a few things I need to ask , given war is really a team game and I can only do so much solo what's the status of the guild , do you all do alot of rvr and pve are you in a active alliance ?

I be more then willing to jump on board iron rock and have some fun but I don't want to join to be the only one online lol .

As for classes I like playing tanks and dps and last I checked the herald roster you guys were short on iron breakers so I'll roll one .
I'm not Keero, but I'll chime in a little. I'm one of the recent new members. I'm on most evenings and when I'm able to on the weekend. If I'm on I'm usually in RvR (PvP), since I've discovered I enjoy levelling up that way more. :)

The nice part about RvR here is that even if people you know aren't on, it's easy to find a warband participating in RvR - most nights I can find at least one full warband (usually several) and just join up as I feel like it. The game makes it very easy to find where the action is.

As for PvE, I have a variety of characters ranging in level from 7 to 22, and I'm always up for grouping if I'm not already in RvR.
Hey Janc thanks for replying , I have decide to resub for a month to see what has changed , As for finding rvr and getting a warband together I'm sure their fun and all and easy to set up , But I have to be honest and i'm not trying to judge anyone .

Last time I played war my guild on phoenix throne pretty much folded and I was left to do as you do join pick up groups for rvr and sc's and public events and such and while I wasn't a christian at the time I left warhammer due to constant drama and no teamwork .

I don't want to go through the same thing again , Like said i'm not trying to judge others i'm just stateng what my experiences was in war almost 2 years ago and why I left .
We usually got 2-3 on at a time, our peak was about 5 or 6 a few days ago. As for grouping I'm in both Tiers 1 and 3 (a healer is almost T2), so you can tell me in the guild and I'll be happy to help.

When others aren't on (I play for quite a few hours a day, but I also live in the Alaskan time zone), I've seen that there's always a warband doing something (the most being in T2). If there isn't give it thirty minutes and one'll be started. Just yesterday we were taking T3 elf and had some large battles. Later that night about nine of us in a warband ninja took a castle, so just ask in the /t1 /t2 /t3 channels about where the action is. We do PVE when we needed PQ gear or join in already made warbands (I'm not the best leader when it comes to that kind of thinkin').

For the classes, play what you like too, we aren't strict on "needing" anything at the moment. (Though IBs are a lot of fun.) :p

Had about four of my friends say if more people joined they would too. Let's see if we can get this ball rolling again. ^__^

EDIT: And if you aren't in the guild, just type "/who Redeemed" and message one of us to send you a quick invite.
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Thanks Keero ,I'll send a tell very soon and by the way perhaps there are other christian gaming forums we can post that we're recruiting and such , I would recommend the offiial forums or the warhammer alliance forums but Well let'se just that two websites have seen better days I guess heh .
Glad to see more joining us...hopefully the trend continues. :)

I'd much rather play with the loonies in ToJ than the random loonies on the server ;)

I think all my various alts are in Redeemed - just yell and I can switch to a main and invite if I'm on. We'll see if I can remember all the names here:
Dobhir, Timoteus, Andranos, Headric, Nimon, Ogyrvran...nope, forgot some.
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Good steady growth of players in the guild now, give it a shot, folks. :p
The 10-day trial has been fun so far; thanks for the invite Keero, and doing a bit of tier 2 PvP stuff last night was pretty fun. Now that my White Lion is up to level 12 and I've got a bit of an idea how he works, I think I'm going to try out either a Bright Wizard or a Shadow Warrior before my trial runs out later this week. At this point, I am actually considering re-subscribing but we'll see. :)
Now that I'm activated again, got more referrals to send out. 10 days to see how far along the game has come, can play with your old (as in past, not crusty/stale) toons and there's plenty of room in the guild. It won't hurt you. :p