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If you want to volunteer some of your time to help out with the Christian Gamers Alliance, post a reply here. You don't have to have any particular skills or abilities or an abundance of free time. There's a lot of open staff positions as well as little things to take care of around the forums.

Rather than post specific staff positions (which has met with very few replies in the past), I thought posting to ask forum members to volunteer some of their time would be more productive.
Oooh ooh, Pick me! Pick me! :D

Seriously though, I'm confined to minimal physical activity for the next couple weeks for health reasons and could really use something to do besides feel guilty about not getting housework done, and am also having to re-structure life a bit due to employment changes at this point in time so I'd just as soon re-structure around doing something meaningful for Lord and brethren as anything else.

~ Taigris
and on an un-related note...if there's anything that doesn't require *too* much time, I am available a couple of hours a week
I will help procrastinate for everyone.

Procrastination FTWE

(for the win eventually)

I'll get back to replying to this later.

I will make sure to eventually reply to your reply eventually.

It's on my to-do-list for.... tomorrow perhaps

As long as they are tasty cookies. I love cookies.

MOD Note: This is all SPAM and has no place in this forum and espcially not in a thread that is asking for help to keep CGA running. This sort of stuff gets in the way of ppl taking this request seriously. Please delete these msgs or i will delete them for you. If you dont Tek might see fit to see your spam as an indication of your willingness to volunteer prehaps for the job of cleaning out the CGA headquater toilets and grease trap.
At this point in time I am a little too busy cleaning out toilets and grease traps (I am a plumber/HVAC/electrician) and the fall winter is our busiest time of year, but I am hoping that, come spring, some time will free up and I can actually volunteer some much needed free time to CGA/ToJ...

Aha! I finally thought to bump this thread while I was at the computer. I've had this thread in mind for a few weeks now, but never when I was actually at the keys.

As before, if you're interested in volunteering for a staff position, please post a reply.

And to those who've already posted expressing an interest in volunteering: I have every good intention of contacting you this week. If I don't, feel free to send me a virtual poke by PM early next week.
give me something to do for the next 2 months...i can't leave my house for that time due to my health. i can admin servers, im pretty good with numbers, etc...pretty much the only thing i can't do is admin the ts server cause i don't have a mic.
Do You Need More Chapter Leaders (AKA Recruiters?)

What would we be doing if we "volunteer?" Are you asking for more Chapter Leaders, Recruiters, etc?

Cling to the King!
/bumping this thread again and hoping to add new CGA staff members starting next Tuesday or Wednesday