Weapon set swaps

Abba San

Legacy of Elijah [LoE] - Proud Grandfather
Anyone have a strategy for quick weapon set swaps in battle?

I run an axe/axe with longbow - but there are times I'd like to swap the longbow for my mace/shield - very quickly - in battle.

Any suggestions? How do you do it?
Well assuming your not actually "in combat", I find the fastest way to swap is from the hero screen.
lol...I was hoping for an efficient, in-combat way to get to a third set.
There is no way to swap in combat to a 3rd set. Ele only has one weapon at a time but with 4 "atunements". Best way to swap to a 3rd set or 2nd weapon for ele's is to break combat and manually swap. As far as I know even setting up a keyboard macro on a programmable device to equip a certain set or weapon out of combat is against the EULA in that it would require a 3rd party device to pull a source code and execute an instruction from and in gw2.exe.