Website Downtime!!


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Hey everyone!

Unfortunately, there have been technical issues with our host, resulting in the database being unusable.
The good news, however, is that I had just made backups the day before, so we should be good to go once we get the database up.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I'll keep this thread updated as thing progresses.
Yeah, really. According to the host, the server I am on has been down 74 times since December 2003. I'm hoping to get off of this one soon :p

Buuut we're back anyway, so that's all cool.
:eek: MY SIG IN THE DODCHRISTIANSOLDIERS FORUM IS GONE! SO IS IT HERE! *wait a minute, I use lightbrit there too! XP*
We just got a new server, which is run by the datacenter that manages the servers for the New York Stock Exchange. Needless to say, the new server is very, very fast. :D

Check it out!

I ran my website 20 times and the average response time was .007 seconds!! Yowza!

EDIT: Whoops. Looks like that's 5 ten-thousandths of a second, now
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