[Weekly - F/Sa] Week In Review

Lewie that sounds like a blast!

I've been trying to find stuff like that for me and my wife to have misc. recharge spots.

Usually its visiting her family, they are amazing people.

This week has been interesting with a lot of ups and downs. Trying to manage workloads and keep up with efficiency in my work. Still needing a different chair I think since my back has been kind of a pain lately.

Been really tight financially and that has been fairly discouraging but if anything its made me really needy and close to God in a really good way I think.
Last night, I got a call to set up an offer discussion meeting with a software firm in Denver. I've gone through multiple layers of interviewing over the last couple of months (including my big "final interview" on Tuesday), and they want to hire me. So, this conversation, next week, will be to decide things like pay rate, start date, and so on in order to make sure we can all be on the same page. God's provided so far (if not always on the timetable my wife and I would like so we can make arrangements and plan the remainder of our time here--which has been unsurprisingly difficult for us, being the planners that we are), so there's little doubt He will continue to do so.

Outside of that, I presented on one of my 20 page papers for the semester this week. Still have to finish them both, but it'll be nice to be done with the last of my coursework in this side of an intended doctoral program. I graduate with my first Master's degree in a month (and the coursework I'm doing now is for my second).

I've also gotten back into Magic, and have moved about $80 in cards over the last week or two between physical and digital media (would have been more, but I was feeling like paying forward my good luck when I sold some of it to friends). All in all, including accessories, that brings me down to having spent out of pocket something in the realm of $20 for a very nice start on rebuilding my collection (sold all my Magic when we moved out here, along with a lot of other things, for constraints on our moving abilities).
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I sat down several times between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to type out my week in review post, but now I've finally started typing it.

Last week was fairly routine. Work was relatively quiet with a burst of activity on Friday.

I met with another member of our Sunday school class (or Adult Bible Fellowship, since churches seem to not want to call them Sunday school classes) on Wednesday night. We were able to sit down, take a break from work and family life, talk about our weeks, and pray for each other.

The weekend at home was, once again, not as productive as I'd hoped, but I did mow and edge our "lawn" (and I use quotes because it looks more like a field of weeds right now than a proper lawn). I had grand plans to treat the lawn in late March and give it a fighting chance against weeds, but just never found the time.

All in all, a pretty normal week.
The rental saga continues. The new renter got crazy about a smell, that we hadn't smelled and ripped up two rooms of carpet. Then he thought uh oh I'm not the boss here and contacted our agent about the mistake. Turns out the previous renters had let a dog pee into the carpet through to the floor. So we presented the renter with 3 choices. 1. We replace just those two rooms right now. 2. He buy the needed carpet and stuffs for the whole house now and we will adjust rent after the first 6 months are over (which are paid for), with us paying installation. 3. We evict him and crew with due penalties for violating lease. Not being stupid he chose door number two. Still we had to buy paint for floor to take care of damage prior to install. Long story short our agent has the tools and skills to install and owes us on labor so that didn't cost us more. Now the well is truly dry. Good news is the renter wanted to install a dishwasher at his expense, there is room in the kitchen under the cabinets for it so we said yes. To cap everything I went to my new/old from 2005 neurologist and he said he had to report the seizure from November, so I lose my drivers licence for I think one year, maybe 6 months. I am not a happy camper about the licence. And my lady flys out for 4 days in May so I will be stuck at the house with no vehicle except for a busted Subaru and no licence. Oh joy! So I continue to pray for finances, peace and patience. I'd better quit praying for the last two because it looks like the more I pray, the more He works on that. Still He is in control and all is and shall work out in His time, in His way.
Well seems from the last (transmission) off these fingers into the forums like this I've been faced with the same old same old. Kinda wish I had some of your situations to deal with for a change, but then I wouldn't be me, would I?
Starting to be more involved with CCGR, my "home", if you will since that's where I started my MC life online. Learning the art of teamwork and building in MC. Really educational!
I do seem to have been more stable than I gave myself credit for, as the ministry (Crossroad Cornucopia) is within weeks of being taken out of diapers and placed in pull-ups! (Almost to the point of global exposure!) Overturned an assignment of the enemy to have my website off all month this month, but the funds ARE in the account and it's all a matter of a phone call tomorrow!
Key features of my life are still confusing, but at least I've maintained "I have more to learn" from the moment I first heard of and learned the concept.
Last time I tried to do something "important" in reality to better my family, something went wrong. This time it's not me doing it, but The Holy Spirit through me. I may be running the race with endurance, but it's the Glory of The Lord that Energizes me! Hmmm, same with you, too huh? Kewlies!
It's Saturday! Huzzah!

It's easier to be excited about the weekend now that @Ember no longer works on Saturdays. :D

This week was fairly routine. One of the highlights was taking my daughters to a park near our house, playing, walking to a nearby Sonic, and getting dinner. The weather was GORGEOUS and we all had tons of fun.

I spent the hour waiting for my older daughter to get out of her Wednesday night class at church fixing an issue with my vintage laptop running Windows 10. (Short version: After several tries, I was finally able to get in to the OS and disable Fast Startup. The laptop has worked fine since.)

Today, we're going to work on cleaning the house and this afternoon we'll do something fun. I...just don't know what yet. :)
All this week, and last week, I've been hunting for finances to keep our heads above water as well as finally making (any) progress with the ministry. I've also been hunting down food banks that I can get to without a car as we're kinda running on empty on food.
Oh yeah, and sleeping. Or at least trying to regain sleep patterns I once had.
I have been, however, waking up with my mind on Jesus and Praising Him ALL day long!
Work ramped up in late April and continues to keep me busy.

My mom is making remarkable strides in her recovery. I talk with my mom and dad on the phone every day or every other day and it's astounding how far she's come since the stroke. There's talk of her going home from the skilled nursing facility in 1-2 weeks.

@Ember and I are working with another couple to see if there's interest in our Sunday school (or Adult Bible Fellowship, to use the correct term) after many class members left for a church plant or other churches earlier this year.

I've been working out once or twice a week lately and, oof, I feel it afterwards. Good stuff, though. I need to stay moving to get out of pain and have enough energy to keep up with my two adorable daughters.
Thought I'd poke my head in here to see how things are going. It's been a while. Unfortunately it does seem like forum communities are becoming a thing of the past (not just this one, but the handful of other forums I have frequented throughout the years). My sense of community is now built on reddit, FB, and recently Discord (the guild I'm in on WoW moved there entirely recently, ditching vent and skype for it), my wife's community comes from Tumblr, FB, and in-game WoW channels. There are even cracks in the public dominance of Steam thanks to years of Origin and GOG that I'm seeing. Fast, quick, chat messaging styles seem to be becoming the dominant feature of the new generation, and it seems the older generation like me are simply playing catch-up.

Other than that, playing a lot of WoW, and Overwatch. Getting ready for a trip back to AK later this year.
Thought I'd poke my head in here to see how things are going. It's been a while. Unfortunately it does seem like forum communities are becoming a thing of the past (not just this one, but the handful of other forums I have frequented throughout the years). My sense of community is now built on reddit, FB, and recently Discord (the guild I'm in on WoW moved there entirely recently, ditching vent and skype for it), my wife's community comes from Tumblr, FB, and in-game WoW channels. There are even cracks in the public dominance of Steam thanks to years of Origin and GOG that I'm seeing. Fast, quick, chat messaging styles seem to be becoming the dominant feature of the new generation, and it seems the older generation like me are simply playing catch-up.
So very true. But I can't help but keep loving forums for asynchronous communication. It's what I know and it's what works best for this season of my life.

I keep intending to post more on my gaming Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I barely keep up with my personal accounts.

The Puzzle & Dragons Forums community keeps a set of Discord channels and I've tried it out. I like it, but my old school tendencies lead to an inherent distrust of free services. I once heard it said, "If you're not the customer, then you're the product." TeamSpeak allows us to run our own server. I haven't invested the time to research Discord, but it seems users are at the whim of a free service provider--which is fine until the venture capital runs out.

From a user perspective, Discord great. From an administrator perspective, it's hard to invest in a service when you don't know exactly how they'll make money (and thus keep the service active). It's like the difference between TF2 (where you can rent a server and modify it to your heart's content) or an EA game (where the servers will likely be shut down 18-24 months after the game launches).

But maybe we should take the Discord discussion to a new thread so we--or rather, I--don't de-rail this thread? ^^;;

Other than that, playing a lot of WoW, and Overwatch. Getting ready for a trip back to AK later this year.
What do you think of Overwatch so far?

I'm definitely interested, but the price point turned me away and I haven't played much on the PC beyond TF2 in months. Blizzard games almost never go on sale (I think I still have a camelcamelcamel price watch set for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void) and it's hard to justify spending so much on any one game these days.

Maybe after my younger daughter starts sleeping through the night, I'll get back to PC gaming.
Work was slightly less hectic this last week. I'm assisting with a local project. It's always rewarding to be involved in the early stages of a new site, but it can be challenging to get all my usual work done when I have to divide my work time.

@Ember and I are helping another couple at church try to gather the remaining members of our Sunday school after many of them left for a new church plant or other churches in the area. Our efforts so far have been less than encouraging, but we plan on seeing it through until the fall, when many people's schedules stabilize and the church publishes a new class list.

Fatherhood is, as ever, very demanding and very rewarding. Ember and I are blessed to have two daughters that love us so much, but it can be difficult to focus on daily chores instead of kids when your kids make reasonable requests for their parents' attention (and even moreso when they're so stinkin' cute!).
Yes kids stink and are cute. Speaking of kids, my grandchildren and daughter visited for most of last week, and my daughter worked hard getting us ready for the Corps picnic at our place on Tuesday, fun but tiring, and I was in so much back pain after I could not go with the grandkids to a special place the next day. Grandmama brought them all home later though so all is good. Did get to do good stuff with them and lot of chilling at the house. They left early Friday from the motel so we had to say goodbye Thursday night. Sunday was more hotdogs at the Corps Father's day dinner. So I am all hotdogged out. Saturday I ordered my Daddy's Day present, we couldn't afford it, but it was getting desperate, so pulled the trigger on a new comp. So now as my comp freezes up the browsers, demands reboots, autoreboots, and takes forever rebooting, I just glare at it and remind it that it's days are numbered. Two years of autorebooting are coming to an end.
So my wife just interviewed for a university position at the university of idaho. (its 8miles away from Washington State University) - hoping that will work out, the extra income would mean a lot to us right now.

we also just had to put down one of our dogs of 5 years this last week. So its been a rough week, a bit depressing. still struggling to really communicate during stuff like that but I feel like things are moving and shifting in the spirit even if I cant see it all right now.
My and @Ember's week has been cleaning.


But it was well worth it to have the house (more or less) ready for my parents to visit today. They're in town for the holiday weekend and this is my mom's first visit to our home in, well, ever. God is good! :)

Work has slowed down, which is nice because it was started to get a little hectic for a while. I don't anticipate the slower pace will hold (and that's fine; too much quiet and I start to get antsy), but I'm hoping it ramps up more gradually next time.
Stuff happened. I dealt with it. Now I'm back...

Now I mostly spend my days working on games and developing online support tools for disabled people.

And, I like this thread. It seems a much less intimidating prospect to jump into a weekly stream to get back in touch in bite-size portions than to try and come up with some lengthy composition to cover a time gap that there's really no constructive purpose in remembering.

On to the next week...!
Late to the party. Another week that was pretty busy with work. My wife hasn't felt well lately, so I've been doing a bit more of the shopping/house work solo than usual (we pretty consistently tag team the whole lot of it) on top of regular work. No complaints in the slightest, but I've been feeling a bit tired.

Have been able to game despite this, though usually not until pretty late into the evening (most of my game time takes place between 10:30 and 11:30, give or take half an hour on either side). It's my go-to wind down, and it's been good. We've determined I don't sleep better by going to bed earlier, so I stopped trying. haha

I do love my work, though. Shoot, in the time between when I started this message and the time I'm now writing this, I've already diagnosed a problem in a program, fixed it, and pushed the update. I love programming, and I love more that I'm programming for an institution that's all about training future pastors.
Posting a few hours before Thursday becomes Friday, but I had time to post and wanted to make certain I remember!

Work has remained relatively quiet. There's still plenty to do, but it's not nearly as hectic as it was in May and early June. My supervisor is currently on medical leave (somewhat unexpectedly, but he's stable and recovering). Please pray for a full and speedy recovery for my boss!

The kids are awesome and my younger daughter seems to learn at least one new word every day. It's a really exciting time during a child's development when they're learning so quickly. As usual, my girls are a ton of fun and a ton of work (as I imagine all children are to their parents :)).

I don't think I've posted much about my and my wife's Sunday school class (okay, fine, "adult Bible fellowship"), but the group more or less disintegrated after class leadership left for a church plant and several other couples took the opportunity to find other churches. My wife and I decided to stay and we've been working with another couple to try to rally any remaining class members to make sure no one else slips through the cracks. We received some great news this week when one of our pastors informed us that there would be a new class starting in mid-August. Very excited!
been quiet on this topic lately but trying to work on contentment as best as possible.

It feels like it has been hourly by hourly of ups and downs. 1 moment i realize how blessed I am to be living in the house with the blessings and amenities I have. The other side is wondering why running a business is so hard to get new clients or even to get old clients to pay on time and wonder why God "hasn't blessed" things.

Don't mean to sound like a drab but its been weird as of late.
@Atown As counter-intuitive as it may sound, one must fight--and fight hard--to be content. I know I struggle to be content, especially since I have an "editor brain," meaning I immediately zero in on things that are broken or don't belong and I obsess over fixing them. I understand it's human nature to focus on the negative instead of the positive, but it can be especially challenging for some.
Last week was a busy week. Work hasn't been too crazy, but @Ember and I are getting the house ready for my parents to visit again.

Our family attended a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night and a wedding and reception on Saturday.

We're getting ready for our older daughter to start and she's feeling a little anxious about not having as much time with her mama.

But overall, life is busy and life is good, thank the Lord!