Weekly ZG runs?

I am not yet sure of my availability for ZG, I may be on around 8:30 ish time period... so Iron may be there if everything goes well :)
Question, actually two of them. Did we hit ZG Monday and if so how did it go?
And would anyone be up for ZG again this coming Friday, 5/5?

I know I am up for it Friday.
We didn't goto ZG Monday - we didn't have enough people for it. We only had 10 L60s online at 7:30; we opted for uBRS intead. I think we might have been able to pool 15 people by 8:15, but we were well into uBRS by then.

As for this friday, I cannot attend. I will be at work. But post it up in GA, mention it in /g and see who signs up. Worst that will happen is that you'll not get enough people for ZG, but enough for uBRS again. But with the huge difference between Friday & Monday's attendances, you might be able to get something going :)