What do you think of Doom 3's content?

What do you think of Doom 3's content? - What do you think of Doom 3's content?

  • There is nothing wrong with the game; OK for most or all

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  • I have a few concerns; OK for 13+ crowd

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  • I have several concerns; OK for 17+ crowd only

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  • The game crosses too many lines and should be avoided by all

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  • Haven't played it yet

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With all the discussion surrounding Id's new game, I thought it would be interesting to find out what people think about the moral content of the game.  This is a complex issue and I'd like to hear what others think about it.
Its perfectly fine for 17+, I myself have no problem with the game at all, but i would not let some younger kid play it with the amount of gore in the game.

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I haven't played it, but an older friend of mine has. From his description, I wouldn't let someone younger than 17 play it.  It has an M rating for a reason, ya know?
Never played it, probably never will. Don't really like FPS in general(runs for cover.) and the whole M rating/content issue has turned me off.
I have it. Its very good. There shouldnt really be anything bad about it. After all, you are KILLING the demons. No one under 16 or with phychological problems should play it. I reccomend a good video card though. Scary as heck.
It's a First Person SHOOTER, how moral can it be?