What does your UI look like?


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The Idea

The main idea for this thread is to post what your UI is, what it is used for, and why you use the addons you use (if you want to go into great detail you can but it is not required).

My Images:

I am torn between these two UI's and they both are drastically different but accomplish the same things.

This Image is basically the UI Compilation called Mystery UI from Wowinterface. I added a few things like Adibags and Tauntmaster but other than that, I did not change anything about it.

This second image is from the UI Compilation called Thinktank UI. This author created this UI solely for warrior tanks, but he also says that it can be used for just about any tank class. I added Tauntmaster and Adibags to this one as well. I had to resize it a little, but it was not that difficult to do.

I hope you like what you see and if you want to ask about anything UI related I am sure I can tell you anything you need to know (or at least where you should look for something that works best for you)