What is your favorite type of weapon?

What is your favorite type of weapon? -

  • Shotguns

    Votes: 13 100.0%
  • Rocket launchers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Grenades

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  • Sniper

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Melee

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hand Guns

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  • Non Lethal

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  • Other

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yes it is, but sometimes takes to long to do. now on the ps1 moh's i rocked with the bazooka since i could hit any target dead on without alot of those scopes. though 1 hit kill is nice with snipers i will admit that. but out of em all shotguns rool :p


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I didn't know which to choose, but i decided to pick Handgun, due to the memories and talents i bear in CS, a weapon named USP .45 Tactical
12 headshot is my standing record (yes each bullet=headshot. Amazing story.)


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AH come on, you missed another gun on the votes, awwww. I picked other, cause it wasnt there errr...

All time Favorite, FN P-90 IN CS!!!! Looked cool in Stargate SG-1 show and The World is Not Enough movie.

AVP2, Pulse Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher hehehe.

SC/BW, Gauss Rifle, w/ Grenade Launcher in Amerigo cinematic hehehe. The Terran Marine on my Avatar has it.

I also like the Mini in Proof of Life movie ,Ghost Recon game, and FireArms mod in HL. 100 bullets!!! looks like the M-249 in CS but smaller hehehe.

I like MP-5 too.

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sniper rifle cuiz its awsome to snipe some one in the head in time splitters 2. or take an animal out in one shot in SWG although I use a pistol


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My favorite is still the sword

Dunno why, probably because I grew up with movies like "Conan the Barbarian" and "Highlander" but nothing beats a good old sword. I especially like the katana (Japanese sword).
I guess nothing beats the sound of metal against metal or the tiny sparkles when 2 swords cross. Guns are so noisy and require no skill


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You can't beat a good 'ole lightsaber. But a high-powered, laser cannon comes close. Heck, I'll take a surgery laser!


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Now, since my "asterisk fest" is over :)p), I now prefer either Sidewinders, or six good ole' .50 cal MGs on a P-51 mustang or F4U-1A Corsair.


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Personally there's something very reassuring about having swords in the house. Most of the people who would burglarise you in the UK carry knives, so owning 24 inches of forged steel in a good thick blade, slightly backswept so your get the same weight on a larger blade cross-section is very comforting.

Okay, so it's not actually sharp, but it would do far more damage if you cracked someone across the head with it than a knife! ;)

If we're talking guns then I'd go with the British Army SA80, because it's the only Assault Rifle I've fired and I know I can put a round into someones eye at 30m using the Trilux sight. Failing that then I'd go for the P90 or the G36-K, because in an age where everyone seems to be wearing bodyarmour, it's nice to be firing something that'll penetrate 27 layers of kevlar and Titanium.



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love the colt with the silencer....

when playing firearms (HL mod) i love to carry both the silenced mp5 and the silenced uzi.... hee hee

no need for pistol with 2 lmg... makes you something to fear in the wild areas of jungle too

love a good claymore too...