What should i buy

Unreal, BF:V is glitchy and bug ridden like its predecessor, and it doesn't offer the variety or amount of content that ut2k4 does. The lvl of quailty they devs put out in ut2k4 far surpasses the that of bf:v, which was sadly even more disappointing then the previous one. Its only plus is that you can blare ride of the valkeyries while flying in a chopper, like in Apocalypse Now. And the fact the Unreals Gfk are to say stunning at the least, it would be the better investment, IMO.
u should buy dungeon siege legend of aranna
what is that and thanks dr tek
DS:LOA is a wannabe RPG, not a bad game, just that its not what it appears to be at first. Its really more of an adventure game mixed with some RTS elements, and a pretty much hands-off taste of RPG's.