Which engine to mod?


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This discussion came up in another topic. What game engines would you like to see modded?
I know each engine has it's inherant strengths and weakness'. I like the doom 3 engine because it is very atmosphric, but could it be used for a different type of game? Say one totally in the outdoors? I don't know.
However I do have some ideas for mods tha would work better, I think, on doom 3 then say, the unreal engine.
I know that Half Life 2 is coming out, but having not played it I can't have an opinion.

Also what would you like to see modded? Small, game altering mods? Total remakes? Changing the entire cast of a game to say, Barney and friends? (That was the first mod I ever saw, for the original doom. You fought barney and all the animals from the show..hehe.)
I'm curious as to what you all think.
TCs on the hl2 engine. The reason I pick hl2 is because of its versatility and the fact that most gamers will own it. Doom3 is good but its not great.
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Quote[/b] (Dark Virtue @ Aug. 17 2004,11:02)]Someone, please SOMEONE do a decent Old West TC for once!
Hah, didn't like that one for HL1? I can't even remember its name...
How about the Unreal 3 engine
. That thing looks 1337! After that I would definately say Source.
The TES 4 engine. Using HAVOK physics and little pieces from the DOOM and halflife engines ya cant beat it, Plus its built for power systems like the Xbox 2 and playstation 3. And it has the most powerful construction set ever.