Who is getting the expansion?

Comes out this WEEK!! Woot! also C&C Red Alert 3 Announced!!

Yeah I knew it was 3 TYPO!
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Comes out this WEEK!! Woot! also C&C Red Alert 2 Announced!!

Red Alert 3.

It was nice seeing the new units and the old unit's specials upgraded.

I also saw C&C3: Expansion, it was very cool they brought out the old units from Tiberian Sun. Seeing the Titans and Wolverines, they are so much cooler than the tanks and buggies.

I sold my C&C3 game, it was a good game, but I didn't keep up with it as I would with Starcraft.

Besides, I'm on retirement on PC gaming.
FYI CircuitCity has this for 17.99, and using coupon code R8ALNAJAD9 brings it down to about $17 including tax. I'm going to do this tomorrow even though I probably won't have time to play it for another month.
i want to get the expansion (because i've heard so much hype about it...) BUT... i still need to buy the original. I tried the original and the online play was... lacking...

yet i've heard that the online play for the expansion will be (don't finish this statement if you are easily offended or not up to date with modern language)
When I get the extra cash, sure. But for now, I need money to upgrade my CPU. Peace through power. ;D
Well, Darkbot, Dredd, and I all have it, what is everyone's name? we need to start playing guys!

mine is Zanthox, of course.
I am going to pick it up in the next few days from wally world. I got a gift card for my b-day so I got a new video card at CC, and I am going to walmart to get some games. :)