your favorite Bible version?

NASB > everything!! No, just kiding. Whatever you use, it's all translations (unless you read in the Hebrew or Greek) hehe!
I see... well I use a Teen Study Bible, I don't know if that's the NIV or what.

Also, I've heard the NIV been described as a "paraphrase" for "first time readers"
I tend to use a NKJ in church, however as NIV seems to be the most prevalant in schools, i use that for school
I use NIV at home or the Amplified. At church we use NKJV.

I like all 3 for different reasons. NIV makes for an easy read. The Amplified has often clarified meaning at times when I would have otherwise been lost. I like the NKJV because it feels the most familliar and leaves in more of the "poetry" of the language. (I know there is a better term there, but it is alluding me atm)

As for accuracy, I don't know, as I haven't had the chance to research all the options. I am personally not too impressed with the paraphrases, like the Message though. Enough meaning can get lost in translation, without adding paraphrasing in to it. JMO though.
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I prefer my NIV Study Bible the most.

A parallel bible with Amplified version is most excellent for meditating on scripture.

NKJV, NASB, 'established, widely-accepted' ones are fine too. I recommend not getting 'stuck' on one version.

I am leery of the lesser-established contemporary translations...would have to thoroughly check them...too many ulterior motives.

I do not like KJV. Unless one speaks Elizabethan English or has an affinity for 17th century literature, it is an anachronism which impedes understanding the Word of G-d. (How many times do you hear the blind quote "Thou shalt not kill." as G-d contradicting Himself and you have to explain how that translation doesn't really mean that, thereby giving credibility to their argument that the Bible is a botched-gossip-game that should be dismissed, and then you have to explain that...and never getting to discuss the Truth because of red herrings?)

Ultimately, I go to the original Hebrew/Greek texts and dictionaries to gather the concept the author wrote (interlinears are excellent).

Translating languages is never exact, like translating earth-tones to pastels.
why did you put a dash between the G and D of God?

Respect/Reverence/keeping it holy. The I Am is not just another word.

Many Jews do that; my ex-wife is a Messianic Jew and that is from whom I learned it and I feel that it is proper--for me--to do the same.
Well, if it's fine for you--I just don't feel that it'd be respecting Him by taking out a letter... seems detrimental, really. But whatever.
Well, if it's fine for you--I just don't feel that it'd be respecting Him by taking out a letter... seems detrimental, really. But whatever.

That is why I said "for me"--I don't expect anyone else to follow that as it is a personal preference.

This is a great example of how two opposing things can be motivated by the same good conscience. (Ro 14)
To be blunt, if I wanted to read shakespearean-age dialect, I'd read Shakespeare. Which I'm doing. :p

i just finished Romeo and Juliet. Taking the final test next week. i cant wait for it to be over. Thy doesn't-th understand-th thy language that thou hast use-th in-th thy play-th... :eek:
Personally, I just enjoy the NIV because it has the most accurate explanation (explaining from Hebrew / Greek / Aramaic to English).
If i'm looking for absolute accuracy, they say the NKJ + NAS are the most WORD FOR WORD accurate translation.
I usually keep to the basics. If i really like a verse a might look in a different translation... but.... i like to the keep to the inspired words of the Lord.

I don't think anyone mentioned the World English Bible, or WEB. It's an interesting project; I still don't know enough about it to use it as a primary Bible, but I do have it on my iPod.

It's a fully public domain translation of the Bible, created in a most unusual way and referencing the American Standard Bible. I recommend taking a look at the story behind its creation, at least. Such a great use of the power of the internet...