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    who is still playing LoL?

    I know I still play, and am sorry for being remiss or derelict in my duties as ( at least at one time) chapter leader. MajorX17 and 2xHero still play, along with some of their friends. E17
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    LoL summoners names...

    I believe that we are on the North America server, for the most part...
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    How active?

    Not as active as I would like, but we are busy IRL. If you add the names from the summoners name list, you will undoubtedly see many on at any time of the day. So go to that post and add your name to the list! Welcome Aboard!!!
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    Who has gotten one (or more) and with what champ?:cool: Me = Zilch :o
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    Is anyone playing Dota 2?

    eraserhead17 I am so creative...
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    Is anyone playing Dota 2?

    I have DotA 2, have played a little, and would not mind teaming up with some ToJers once in a while...
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    10 games gets you seated in a division and level. Tough after that as you may get stuck with some real yahoos, like the one that feed and ended up only with 6 pr of boots in the game that helped me get demoted...
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    I'm back...

    That girl that Capt Kirk fought???
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    Ranked and League Games

    Not sure if we can add you if you are on EU, But to answer your question, we have not been all that organized in ranked...yet... working on it...
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    I'm back...

    Do you really wanna know???
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    I'm back...

    So, after my winter B-ball season hiatus, I am back and ready to boss this thread around... Thanks to those who helped in my 'absence', look for more activity to follow... (you did miss me , right...?) e17
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    LoL summoners names...

    Welcome aboard! We love to play all levels. Some of us have low level (smurf) accounts that we can join you in, or the brave invite you in for a high level game and help you line 'trial by fire' style...