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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I picked it up also, i played 1.6 a fairbit back in the day, and am looking forward to the updated maps that i know so well.
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    Boomkin love

    Question: During the pull, is it best to blow up your mushrooms at 2 or 1 during the countdown? I know blowing them after the tank pulls is just a waste of dps. i dont want to do it wrong ;)
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    BiS Fail PuG group...

    1 peice from Ultraxion (397) Stillheart Warboots or (410) Stillheart Warboots <-- Prefered !! :) also 1 peice of crafted legs (397) Foundations of Courage (but this is a small upgrade from the tier.)
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    Heroic Hagara

    Here is a video that has a slightly different strategy (not an actual strat vid, just a kill vid ) but it has interesting methods of dealing with the various mechanics. Post any video's or strats you find here so we can take out Hagara the horrible ...
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    Tier 11 and 12 Drakes/Cheeves???

    I like drakes... :)
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    Fail Pug Group - Essence of Destruction

    Slickrock needs Agi bracers, Crafted by Agapepanda
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    Fail Pug Raiding Videos

    Destroyers End !!! Great job Fail Pug. Madness of Deathwing
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    Fail Pug Group - Essence of Destruction

    Tanking Bracers Please Titanguard Wristplates Made by Holybeetle
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    Friday night raiding videos

    Woot, we stood, we phased, we conquered Ultraxion Down Ultraxion
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    Fail Pug Raiding Videos

    Way to go Alliance. finaly got control of Tol Barad during our raid time !! GRATS (only took 2 weeks) Alizabal GRATS on the Ultraxion Kill Ultraxion
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    Friday night raiding videos

    Woot, Good job on downing the first 4 Bosses in Dragon Soul. here are the Video's of the festivities !!! Friday Knights vs Morchok 10m Morchok Friday Knights vs Zon'ozz 10m Zon'ozz Friday Knights vs Yor'sahj 10m Yor'sahj Friday Knights vs Hagara 10m Hagara
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    Fail Pug Raiding Videos

    Good Job all on the first night in Dragon Soul. 3 Bosses Down. Head on over to My Youtube Channel or just click on the links below to watch. Morchok Zon'ozz Yor'sahj More to come as more drop !!
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    Symbiosis - What would you want?

    I would want Symbiosis !! :)
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    We will miss you, :(
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    Fail Pug Raid Group

    Kite Kite and More ... uhhh . disturbing Night elf dance. Ahhhh, let shannox kill me now !! Heroic Shannox Kite Kite Kite Good !