8 Years of History in 8 Days: Day 6 (May 25, 2007)


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From a forum post by Icthus dated February 25, 2004:
Icthus said:
I have prayed since our last meeting about the possibility of altering our structure. I have possible idea for you guys to think about and comment. This plan is not a business or adademic model it is a spiritual biblical model. Based on the principles of our servant savior. This is not heirarchical in that the upper guild ranks rule over the lower. When we make decisions as a body we do so with everyone's voice taken into account.

What I have done here is help you find a way to plug into the guild and build not just us but the body of Christ. We all play this game for fun. I go to work to work, I play to play. We do not ever want to get away from that aspect of this game. So, with that in mind let me present this idea:

9 - Sheep This is an entry level for all who are interested in our guild. This will give both us and the recruit the chance to make sure we are the right spot for them.

8- Disciple
This position is for the average member. If you log just to play and want only that this is the rank you will have as an adventurer (non-crafter). It is my hope that each disciple would adopt a sheep to help teach them the ways of Knights of the Trinity.

7- Artist
This postion is for the average memeber that crafts and desires to be known as a crafter. It is similar to the disciple but focused on crafting.

6- Guild Artisian or Merchant
This is for Artist who have helped to take on a few sheep and guide them in the ways of KoT. They have also shown a desire to aid not just KoT but Albion as a whole.

5- Mentor
Similar to the Guild Artisian, this person has taken a few sheep and helped them become disciples. He is now working on helping those disciples grow in KoT. He could be helping with gold or leading in adventures or advising. He or She has become a Mentor to others.

4- Teacher
This postions is for those how have helped a few disciples become mentors. The are more involved teaching mentors and in helping to run Bible Studies and Guild events.

3- Ambassadors
These are individuals who are helping KoT interact with the outside world. They are involved in our Alliances and in uniting with like minded guilds. They also helpus to find fellow Christians to increase our numbers. They can do this in game or by posting to various DAoC boards.

2- Champions
These are leaders. They have developed a passion for some part of the game: RvR, Power Leveling, Dugeon Crawls, ToA, Bible Studies, Service Events, Consignment merchants, Guild Vaults, or anything else. These individuals are expected to organize and lead events for our people.

1- Apostle
This is a special catagory for leaders and special indivduals who have become less active or have been on a lay off after leadership. It is a postion of honor. They have in some way be a significant part of building KoT.

0- Shepard Pastors
This will be a council of 3 to 5 Spiritual Leaders. They have shown spiritual maturity in decisions and lifestyle. They meet some biblical qualifications for leadership as well. They can be men or women. They will help to guide the guild with wise counsel as we make decisions. They will also help to mediate any issues that may come up. They are true servants of KoT.

This is a suggestion. I would also recommend you have to be nominated for positions based on service to others. I beleive this is a biblical model for doing christian lives in groups.

I remind you this is not meant to be a law or over structure of our body. We should deal with each other based on our relationships and our love of Christ and each other. I do not expect this to be a massive change in what we do. I hope to give some order to our group to facilitate some expansion of the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of Icthus.