Best PC games for couples?

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Greetings, all!

I'm currently searching out online games that Ember and I can play together. Ember doesn't like first-person shooters, so that rules out most of the games I normally play online.

Other than a few interesting prospects at Yahoo Games, I'm completely at a loss for games we could play together. We've ruled out MMORPGs as neither of us have the time or money to invest in such games.

Can any married folks that play games with their spouses give us suggestions?
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Gah, you make me sound like such a girl.

It's not total disinterest...I just really, reallllly suck.


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Runescape is a free MMORPG and people get married in it, lol. ummm i would try Civilization 3 gold for multiplayer


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I guess that rules out WOW or DaOC but those are the two that my hubby and I have played together. And yes you can get married in both.
But again they require separate accts and monthly fees. How about maybe a sims or something??? COH is nice as well but again has the cost issues and I do not have any Christian connections there still. Good for you to try and do something together.


Don't worry Mrs. Tek. I am not very good at CS. Playing CS is more than how good I am or am not. It initially was something I took on because it meant a lot to Hes...

Hes... and I have a good time playing together plus I know it is something that makes him happy. The question to ask is what game are you both going to be able to spend time playing. I recommend CS because the basic controls are fairly easy to learn, there is no monthly fee and it is easy to get in a game and stop when you need to. Other than Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter, Hes and I have not played other games together. (I don't think)



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There is no question the best games for couples are MMOG. But, if you are no willing or able to take those steps it becomes difficult.

YOu have to ask yourself a few questions.

The main reason couples play together is to communitcate (that means talk about stuff to those who have not be introduced to the female side of communication). My wife wants to simply talk and experience things together. When we first got married we played things together like cards and such. We did have alot of fun with Nientendo Monopoly where we played the computer.

I would talk this out. Most men play games to escape from their reality. Most women play games to communicate or socialize. Find something that will meet both needs and run with it.


if you're not interested in paying the fees for MMORPGs then why not try standard RPGs

Diablo2, Dungeon Seige, StarCraft these all have MP capabilities.

Allegiance is a free online multiplayer space flight sim.


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Well I know it's not for PC but the Champions of Norrath, Dark Alliance type games are really fun co-op. Plus my girl's obssesed with playing Halo 2 online together, go figure.
Maybe you should get her into Starcraft or something.


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How about some racing game like Need For Speed Underground. You two could race each other.
Of course there is always Unreal Tournament, lots of girl characters.I am on dial up so I'd be an easy target!

Worms 3D is a fun multiplayer. I think it's online too. Download the demo at: click on demo.
They are tough little worms that carry heavy mortar.