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I am on like a 3 or 4 year run of being disappointed in games I was looking forward to playing.

The not complete list- Warhammer, any WoW expansion, Diablo 3, Star Wars MMO, GW2, Bioshock 2 and the list goes on and on.

Nothing seems original or new or even different. The one game I have enjoyed is League of Legends. Maybe because my expectations were zero.

I really feel the gaming industry is simply blah. It might have more to do with turning 40 than any gaming issues.

However, I thought it might make for some interesting discussion.

I have gotten to the point I don't even look to see what is coming out. It does me no good to get excited about anything.

Heck, even my 16 year old son plays TF2 most of the time. He bounces to a new game for maybe a week or 10 days then is back to his competitive TF2 ways.

So whatever....


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Nothing seems original or new or even different.
In the top-shelf of mainstream games, this certainly does feel like the case. However, there are occasions where things are done so well or with just the right twist that I find them quite enjoyable despite their unoriginality. From this year, Sleeping Dogs was so gripping and capable of bringing me into the game that I could forgive that it was doing nothing new; New Super Mario Bros. U is so pure in its classically-styled platforming that I find it more fun than the majority of games on the market.

Still, as a trend, I'd agree that the state of mainstream gaming (at least the AAA titles) can feel a bit tried and stale.

All that said, there are a few games I'm excited about in the coming months.

Got Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm coming. Got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in March. That's followed by Injustice: Gods Among Us in April (an entirely DC Universe-based roster built upon the very fun but overly gory Mortal Kombat engine, hopefully without the gore? How could I not be excited about that?). Then, whenever it finally finishes localization, Phantasy Star Online 2. And, of course, Pokemon X/Y when it comes out in October.

I have such a backlog that I don't even begin to need new games any time soon; I could probably last a solid year of playing just the games I have, without re-playing, even if I stayed away from online multiplayer components. Still, PSO2 and MH3 have been on my get list for a long time (still not sure why I didn't pick up the Wii Monster Hunter when it came out), and PSO2 is free to play, so there's no reason not to jump the second it releases. HotS is a given since I want to stay current with the game. And Injustice falls under my "fighting games can be exceptions to the don't buy current games rule." Pokemon has a similar rule.

Otherwise, my only real interest in new games lies with Nintendo's first party stuff.


I seem to have much the same problem you do Ithicus. I keep going back to minecraft just because fairly mindless and I control how repetitive it gets. Building has always seemed to hold my interest whether it was lego and erector sets or minecraft.

However, I have found Don't Starve to be fairly interesting lately. I haven't played very much however so it may be a bit premature. It's on sale on Steam for $11.99 and comes with two copies (I sent my second copy to someone on my friends list who was listed as wanting it - sorry). Try it out if you have the extra time and cash.


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I don't, I haven't done faction war. But I hear soon(tm) that you wont need to be in faction war to hire mercs or Orbital bombard "Dust(514) Bunnies"

how did i miss that eve thread????????


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Pathfinder Online
Elderscrolls Online

....for their PvP visions
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I've been keeping a watch on Elder Scrolls Onine, but other than that... nothing.

I thought you didn't play GW2? I though GW2 was very fun, until you hit 80. Then it got slightly less fun. The same thing happened in Warhammer. It was great, provided you stalled out before reaching max level. The good thing about GW2 is I can feel good about putting it down and coming back later as there is no monthly subscription. Another good thing is that, from what I near, a patch is coming out to address some issues in the PvP part of the game, and there have been end-game PvE activities included recently as well.

Despite all of my ranting and raving, I acted against my better judgement and got Pandaria to play with some friends. It is everything I was hoping it wouldn't be. Leveling was a piece of cake, and getting heroic gear is also equally easy - they may as well give it to you. However, if you desire anything of purple quality, be prepared to grind your time away (all of it) because to buy good raid quality items, you must first reach a certain reputation with a faction of Pandaria (and there are quite few of them). The only way to increase your reputation with these factions is to do daily quests. Doing daily quests nets you valor points, the currency used to buy these items, but the reputation grind takes so long you may as well just earn the currency in raids using LFR. Doing daily quests also nets you these little coin things. When you get 90 of these little coin things, you can get another quest that turns 90 of the little coins into 3 big coins. In LFR raids, you can use these coins to get an extra roll on boss loot. However, you can only get 3 coins per week. And each daily gets you TWO little coins. So, if you've done the math, 90/2 = 45 daily quests you'll need to do in order to get 3 coins for better rolls. But you can only do 25 daily quests per day, and you won't have access to all of the daily quests for each faction (if you're like I am, and you actually pay for this garbage, you hit 90 before going into Dread Wastes so you never got to do the Klaxxi questline). All in all WoW has become more of the same. They have created a game that forces you to spend every minute of your time jumping through daily hoops so that you can microscopically, incrementally increase your place on the dps/healing meter (unless you play a monk - then you're always on top). I wish they'd go back to how it was in vanilla and make exalted status mean something by making it completely voluntary to attain (Shen'dralar, anyone?), instead of it being a mile-marker of the progress that is expected of you.

Oh and if you were wondering, PvP is a complete joke.

SWToR was an utter failure. The game was so poorly designed even the most powerful gaming rigs ran it as if they were 6 year old Dell Optiplexes. The PvP was fun, but only slightly more fun than WoW's pvp. Raids were too short, etc. Broken record broken record broken record...
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HL2-EP3, Dark Souls 2, Kitaru, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher 3.

I'm not sure that I'm going to care about multiplayer games again until UT4(if/when) or HL2 Deathmatch 2(also if/when)


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It's looking real cool. There are a lot of former blizzard devs. They are aiming to make a sandbox/quest-centered hybrid (complete with 40 man raids, and a firefly feel). They are taking their time, and I think it could be great fun.

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The Last of Us
Star Wars 1313
Half Life 3

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Actually, believe it or not, the only game I'm really looking forward to right now is Blizzard All-Stars.

Edit: Oh yes, and the Kingdom Hearts game featuring Final Fantasy and Star Wars.


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Got too many good games in my backlog to be paying too much attention to upcoming releases. :)

But would be excited to see a new Unreal Tournament that looks more like an arena shooter and less like a Gears of War spinoff.


I believe I've heard rumors about a Legend of Zelda game coming for the Wii U. That sounds cool. Also I think a new Super Smash Bro's is coming for the 3DS and Wii U. I'm looking forward to that.


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Not sure if either is coming this year, but they are both in the works, and I am excited for them. Namco is handling development of Smash, so that'll be interesting... and potentially awesome. We're getting Wind Waker's HD remaster, and that's exciting. And then there's the actual new Zelda.

I'm pretty happy about the Wii U and its growing game list. :D