Cube World


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I know that I am not the only person who has this game.

Anyone else play it? Its great fun in groups... also easier to down bosses and such (obviously!).


And if you haven't bought it, explain yourself!


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I was very excited for this game, and bought it as soon as it went live. I have already written some my thoughts on it here. For those that done want to click, here is what I said:

So, my review so far, Im not liking it, but it only alpha, so hopefully a lot of the issues get worked out..

Every time I start the game, as its loading, I immediately get attacked and die, before the game finishes loading..
Starting characters are way under-powered. I cant seem to kill anything with any toon I roll..
Agro is set way to high, and there is no getting away. I ran for minutes in one direction, and when I stopped, I died by the same mob that agro'd me in the beginning..
Need to be able to reverse the mouse, but cant yet..

These are just my observations, and only given with about an hour or so worth of playing. There is a lot of potential, and am glad that I purchased it now ($20 as the "alpha reduced price, I'd hate to see the release price..), and am hoping it gets better.. :)
As of now, I was able to create a world where I didnt die as soon as I spawned, and the mouse is able to be reversed. I still feel there is a long way to go though, so will keep an open mind. :)


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And if you haven't bought it, explain yourself!
I'm super-frugal and I have a backlog a mile long.

But this game definitely interests me and if it picks up steam, I'll likely buy it when it's on sale and play it with ToJ people. :)


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I was intrigued and downloaded it. After 3 days of playing I accidently figured out how the MP or special attacks work lol. That made things a lot easier. But looks like they haven't updated it sense last July anyone know if its still in development? Granted this game is only in alpha but seems like a lot of grinding and then you go what was the point? But I do love the open ended-ness of it. Lots to explore. I'm not sure if there is actually a penalty from dying?

I think it has held my attention for about as long as it can with out a little something more though. Not horrible but not worth 20 bucks to download yet.


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The game is indeed still in development. The big thing is that the creators (there are only two of them) have not hired a staff to help them develop the game. Currently there have been some updates on the site showing new content and major updates that are indeed coming. I check my game every day it seems just waiting for that update. It will come eventually, the main creator even said so himself. He will finish the game because he does not want to "steal" people's money. Hope this helps you out. Have a good one.



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Might as well play Trove, more features, finished product and a company behind it that has a crap ton of money for development.