Demo suggestions

yeowzers that's a bit too controversial seeing all the heat we got from the review/preview
I reccomend... man anything I say someone is going to have a prblem with it
If I say Warhammer poeple are gomma complain theres blood, If I say armies of Exigo epople are gonna complain ytheres monsters and magic in it... ect ect
actually, you can completly disable blood in the updated demo of UT04. (and turn off mature taunts and swear words too!) Thus, making the game equivalent to a T rating.

And on COD:UO, u can turn off blood, and there is so little in the first place, you can barely notice it
lol... satanic chars? tortured women? cursing? well I guess cursing.. but satanic characters and tortured women? what the heck are you talking about! Oh noes! I play UT2004 with the blood on! I'm sure to go to hell now (even though I'm a christian). give it a break ByblosHex, it's not that big of a deal, if you feel convicted when you play it... Don't play it! BTW I'd like to know what satanic chars are there in UT2004, I have seen no character in the game preforming a satanic ritual, or having a pentagram tatooed on his or her body, sure some of them are a little scary looking, but they are by no means satanic, and about those torutured women, umm... no...
Satan has no affiliatin with pentagrams for they are a geometric figure and he is chaos.

Satanic, them chars like scarecrow and the Medusa sets.
Tortured women? One char was a medic who was captured by the enemy which turned all of her body bionic except for her sexual parts including her breasts and her.... Hip area. If that isnt torture then what is? What about the women with spikes form their head and pig stuffers in their mouths?

Not another on of these, you dont like it dont play it guys....
That's not satanic, that's gothic! If I dye my hair black, get a bunch of piercings and tatoos, and never go outside so my skin turns completely pale does that make me satanic? No it makes me look gothic! I can still be a christian while looking like that! I have no idea what you're talking about with the medic thing, but I guess that would be a tortured woman, not tortured women. Come on, these characters are while admittedly a little sick, are nothing to freak out about! If you wanna play as one of those characters go ahead, but the game isn't a story driven thing, you never have to know about that stuff you just said unless you read all the character's desciptions (I didn't even know about it until you just mentioned it). And besides the demo doesn't have any of those things in it! You can only play as four characters I think (at least that's how it was in the old demo). The game is very much a work of art, all the characters and levels reflect that, and there is nothing in them that would affiliate them with satan!
I guess if you don't like it don't play it, but it doesn't have satanic things like that in it.
THey kill because its fun, that uisnt gothic its satanic and yes if you ran around killing for fun you would also be satanic.
That medic is one of the female chars, why dont you read up on their stories?
Im not freaking out I am avoiding the sickness. I didnt say the game is affiliated with satan, I said some chars are satanic as in act as satan would.
In the demo there are not these things you are right but the full game includes them.
WHen playing you run into half bionic women with pig stuffers in their mouths and tears comming from their eyes, what image could be more disturbing?
Its luike saying playing Postal 2 is Ok because you dont have to pee on poeple its an option.
Killing a bunch of people for fun in real life wouldn't be satanic, it'd be preverse. But it's more of a sport than murder in the game, people always respawn as it says in the back story. If kiling people in a game makes you feel like you want to kill somebody in real life, you shouldn't play FPSes and stuff otherwise it's fine. I have seen many more disturbing images than bionic crying women with pig stuffers... I avoid the sickness in the game too, "the sickness" can be disabled, swearing, blood whatever! And if you are completely disturbed by the characters you can go into the system files and delete them! Actually Postal 2 has nothing to do with Unreal Tournament 2004, and neither does peeing on people (I'd say that's a more disturbing image than a bionic crying woman with a pig stuffer). Anyway, I'm tired of arguing with you, nothing you can say will convince me that playing the game is wrong. On a side note, if you don't like killing in games, what games do you play?
But the crow set chars dont kill for sport they kill for fun, and killing for fun is satanic and so is perversion.

I never said I dont play killing games, But I play games whre you kill bad guys, like command and conquer you kill the terrorists and in morrowind you kill the monsters and devil worshippers

I didnt say that postal had something to do with it but Im using your "Dont like it dont look at it" Logic on another game. Im not trying to to convice you not to play it, im just arguing that I dont htink it is game that should be promoted by a christian website.
What makes you say the crow set of characters kill for fun? And if I'm playing as a crow character does that mean I'm killing for fun?
Theyre description. Also the Medusae chars get their only pleasure form the pain and suffering of others.

No you arent killing for fun, but you are promoting the creation of these atricities by paying for them.
ok, well what about morrowind? don't you use magic in that game? isn't magic satanic? well if you can't just ignore things like that or not use them then why do you play morrowind?