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Magic isnt satanic. That is not Earth or this universe it is Nirn where magic is real and isnt from Satan, besides I dont use magic. If the game took place on Earth and the magic was comming from satan I wouldnt play it. BUt the Magic comes form the person and not an evil spirit or satan.
magic is real, and it does come from satan. I don't kill people for fun in real life on earth, but I do kill people for fun in ut2004 on other planets in a video game! Why is there any difference?
Magic isnt real, Satan is a deciever and nothing more.

Man. Would Jesus play that game? Ask youself that, Dont compare yourself to me, compare yourself to Jesus, dont ask what would Byblos do, ask What wouls Jesus do?
"Magic" is an illusion of power granted by Satan, and yes it is real, but not in the way that it's depicted in video games. I'm sorry, did I offend you by attacking a game that you play? I can justify playing UT2004 just like you can justify playing Morrowind. Look, this argument is really quite pointless, and I'm getting sick of it again. Wanna stop now? Of course if you come back again with something about what's wrong with UT2004, or that I'm doing something wrong in my Christian walk I will be forced to continue this pointless debate. We're both Christians, we both have different convictions, can't we just stop now?
Well then, I have to tell you there is no Magic in morrowind. Magic is form Sata you are correct but In morrowind they have something called Magicka which comes form every person.

I dont want to convicet you man not at all, but i want you to try to live up to the exceptations of our lord. Ask him if you should play and he will answer. But he will leave the choice up to you.
Whatever you call it, it's still magic, even if it comes from people in the game, in real life people think magic comes from themselves, but it doesn't. OK, sorry, I must stop now.
:: holds out hand ::

Magic is evil, ok?
remember we are to agree on the majors but argue the minors. MO\orrowind and unreal are minors so it doesnt matter if we agree but we both agree Magic is evil and that is a major.
*confused*... I thought you believed magic didn't exist? what made you state that we're supposed to argue the minors and agree on the majors ? I understand that. I said anything to suggest that magic was good...
Magic exists only as an illusion granted by Satan correct?

THe rules of these forums are that we as Christians are to agree on the majors and quabble if we want on the minors.

I didnt accuse you of saying magic was Good, I was asking if you agree that it is Evil.
I meant to say Squabbling!!

I asked it because thats the only MAJOR thing we mentioned.