Elder Scrolls Online

Played the beta, was not impressed. The game just is not an Elder scrolls game, IMO of course.
I probably wont purchase it, since it is PTP.
No, its not an Elder Scrolls single-player game with real physics, freedom to travel anywhere, ability to mod the game to your heart's content, or be able to move virtually every object. Its an MMO and Elder Scrolls hybrid with a strong dose of Dark Age of Camelot. By necessity, some single-player features had to be sacrificed to make it playable for hundreds of people simultaneously. If you were expecting the same single-player experience for ESO, then yes, you will be disappointed. Current technology does not allow for the hundreds of thousands of calculations per second needed for a true 'physics' engine (especially in PvP). No MMO ever made can do that. Single player RPGs can do that (because you only have one player on one computer), but not for Massive Multiplayer Online games.

Personally, however, I'm on the fence. ESO has very good potential; and the description that Paul Sage sent out before the Beta forums went down was quite an optimistic appraisal (of all the things they plan to polish and fix up before launch). According to the NDA, I'm not allowed to go into detail. But I can say the core of the game itself is in pretty good shape (even if I disagree with some of the decisions the team made). So I'm waiting to see what its like as we get much closer to the release date. Is the Beta ready for launch now? No. But polished, would it be ready for launch on April 4? Maybe.

And yes, its going to have a subscription (like some other MMOs we've seen). That can be both bad and good. Bad if the company just takes in the money and offers nothing in return; good if the company takes in the money and supports the game (rapid bug fixes, customer support, and polished content releases). Again, we'll have to see what ZOS does.

And if you're looking for a comparison, what was World of Warcraft vanilla like when it first launched? Its not the game that's been around for years now (it has changed and evolved over time, too). So just because a game is not "perfect" at launch does not mean its going to stay that way forever. Even after the next five months of polishing on it, they've already announced additional features that they are working on even now for post-launch. To me, that sounds like a company that is willing to do what it takes to make ESO successful. So I'm cautiously optimistic about ESO.
And if you're looking for a comparison, what was World of Warcraft vanilla like when it first launched?
World of WarCraft didn't introduce battle pets until (IIRC) 2012.

Think about that.
World of WarCraft didn't introduce battle pets until (IIRC) 2012.

Think about that.

And they're adding a type of player housing *next* expansion.

Even comparing the game it is now to the game it was in Wrath of the Lich King, it is vaaastly different. Comparing it to vanilla it is almost to the point it isn't the same game anymore.

I don't really trust brand new MMOs. I want to see how they stand up after the first year. I'll likely play TES Online because I love the lore and the world, but I always fear when the game takes its first major dip in players. That's when we'll see how dedicated the company is to making a long lasting product or not.
Christian Guilds forming for ESO (so far):

SOLA - http://www.solaguild.com/forum/m/6084117/viewforum/3155274
Ebonheart Pact

Crusaders of Tamriel - http://www.tesof.com/topic-crusaders-of-tamriel-christian-guild--2206
Ebonheart Pact

Servants of Heart - http://tamrielfoundry.com/groups/servants-at-heart/
Aldmeri Dominion

Born Anew ... closed (no longer exists)

- - - - - - - -

Daggerfall Covenant also seems to be the place for deviants. The guild Cross (for example) does not refer to the Christian 'cross' but rather 'cross' natural lines (quote from their recruitment page: "We do not discriminate and we welcome people with open arms (as long as you are over the age of 17). We are openly LGBTQ Friendly. We are a social community that will be questing, raiding, pvping, and light rp if any.")

So that's what I have found so far.
So is it time to start laying the groundwork for a ToJ ESO guild? Official guild site, recruiting, and all that? Or is it still too soon?
Hello all,
Moved from GW2 (awesome LoE) to FF14:ARR with a few great people. I've felt homeless (in game that is) since the move (couldn't find an LoE'like guild on Exodus server). I'll probably be playing FF14 up to ESO release and then be faced with a decision. Are we thinking of a guild for ESO?

@Tungsten - just saw your message (about 12 hours later). I pm'd you back.

@Kryle - we talked about it, but so far there's been little positive response. In fact, looking through the number of guilds already advertising for recruitment, there are only a few Christian guilds publicly announcing themselves for ESO. Its been rather disappointing.
I think we have at least a handful interested in ESO. Any chance of us getting a dedicated section for ESO ToJ? I'm connected with several players in FF14 that will probably be interested and we can hop into GW2 to let people know as well, when the time comes.

Question: Is there any information out there on grouping in ESO? Small group size, raid size...stuff like that? (ex. GW2 = all 5 man content) (ex. FF14 = 4 man, 8 man, 24 man)
Hay ew0ksrule, been a long time. I threw you a PM.
I still check these forums once in a blue moon, figured I would post :)
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I already put in a request for a dedicated ESO ToJ to Tek7 several months ago; he wanted to wait until we were closer to launch time. So, we're in standby mode right now.

As for grouping size, ESO will be as follows:
• Quests - designed for solo play (questing, zone clearing, leveling, public dungeons)
• Boss Events (named NPCs) - designed for two players (though some can be solo'd if played skillfully)
• Dark Anchor Events - designed for two players (needed for skilling up Fighter's Guild skill lines)
• Dungeons (instanced and "master dungeons") - designed for four players
• Adventure Zones (raids) - designed for twenty-four players
• Cyrodiil (pvp central zone) - designed for two hundred players (or more per Alliance... still being tweaked, so this number could change)
(In Cyrodiil, you could be doing a public dungeon with a friend and suddenly come across a few other players in a different Alliance; yes, you can target/attack both NPCs and enemy players if its in Cyrodiil; enemy players can also sneak up on you, too)

Hope that helps!
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I already put in a request for a dedicated ESO ToJ to Tek7 several months ago; he wanted to wait until we were closer to launch time. So, we're in standby mode right now.
Well, we're closer to launch now. :) If Taran is still interested in leading an ESO guild, Lloren or I can create an ESO guild forum tonight (or, if I get distracted when my dad gets into town tonight, tomorrow).

We're in the process of moving to a new web site, so I'd want to wait until that move is at least semi-complete before starting work on a ToJ ESO guild web site. But we can at least start with a forum, provided we have a guild leader and at least a few folks to be led! :)
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Absolutely! I'm game. That new web site sounds interesting, too. :)

I sent you an email this evening. I set up a new account for gaming so I can keep my work, church/personal life, and gaming communities organized.
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So... ESO is going free to play (or is it buy to play since it still requires an initial buy in?).

I'm currently in the process of reinstalling. I liked the game a lot. Gonna sub now before the swarm of new folk come in.

Anyone still playing or thinking to get back into it once the subscription fee is dropped?