FoW Run

Abba San

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I actually led a run through FoW - first time for me.

Lol - it took three hours because I got lost a couple of times. But we made it - did all the quests - 125k xp - with no deaths. One fifth of the way to survivor at 250k.
Cool, you're getting the hang of it. If you're on this evening I'll tag along. A rit can solo some sections and make the trip faster.
Also, is there a secret to getting to the overlords in the burning forest without killing almost everything in there? I think it took me nearly 45 minutes in that one area - kill and run - kill and run - style.
i just hug the wall. you can't avoid everything but you can skip most groups. When i reach the overlords, i pull them out with a longbow.
yeah...that's what I did...just took me forever - way longer than when we did it together.
Well looks like no one is online tonight. If you someone comes online in the next half hour and still wants to go, i'm up for a trip.
Just finished my third run - 382k - only A MILLION to go.

Well, just under - but I got 130k on that last run.
You should be at or near the 2nd level of survivor after the next run, so that's always a nice milestone to reach.

After that, the halfway point is a nice small goal, followed by the million xp mark. Before you know it, you're making your last run or two, and have a nice bit of loot to show for it (not to mention your last title).
Yeah, Reginator - I am trying to see this in bite size chunks. Kind of like eating an elephant. Little goals and keep stepping forward.

The biggest problem I'm having is finding FoW scrolls. The trader has one every now and again - but only one at a time. When, oh when, will the world find favor with the gods again?
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I bought one more this morning - and that's all she had. I only need to do about eight more runs and I have one or two scrolls. They will keep popping up.
Wait.. the world doesn't have favor anymore??

Dang.. I have been gone for a while..
Just read that too about the world not having favor since I haven't been on in a couple months as well. Please send me a pm Abba, I think I have 25-30 FoW scrolls.
The only visiting scroll's the trader has this morning is to Urgoz's Warren - sold out of everything else.
Met my next goal - 500k. My fourth run took me to just over 510k. Next goal is 750k.

Also,once they announced the GW2 date the trader had plenty of all scrolls. I bought what I think it will take to put me over the top.