FoW Run

Well, first post here for a few months!
I'd just like to say that I was in one of the highest ranked speed clear guilds and am very experienced with every FoWsc role. If anyone needs to do FoW, I'd be happy to solo most of FoW while you do the rest. I'd probably do The Hunt, Army of Darkness, Slaves of Menzies, Tower of Strength, Khobay the Betrayer and Restore the Temple of War, which would leave you to do Tower of Courage, Eternal Forgemaster, Defend the Temple of War, The Wailing Lord and A Gift of Griffins.

Reply here or whisper me in game if you'd be interested.

Alternatively, if a lot of people need the statue, we could arrange a time for up to 7 people to tag along?
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Who was it that took the FoW run with me today? I had to bail out as soon as we were done and didn't jot down your name. Wanted to add you to my friends list.

It was a great run (for me) - 1:41 to complete the quests. That's almost half the time I take by myself. You soloed a bunch of it while I took care of some clearing and a couple of shard wolves. And I made it to my small group meeting on time, too.

Now at just over 700k - so over half way to survivor! Five or six ore runs should do it.
I thought that was who it was. I'll add you to my friends list. We'll do that again sometime. It might go quicker if we were on Mumble - and now that I know what you are doing.
One more run done - that's five now - and just over 830k. I took me two had a half hours but I netted 130k. Only 507k to go - just over 4 runs.

Starting to feel extra cautious.
You must be stacking up a fair bit of cash, with all the obsidian shards and other gems that you get in FoW.
Not as much as I would have thought. I'm passing the shards off to my son so he can get some obsidian armor.

It's funny how the higher my survivor rank, the more cautious I become. Just wondering - for you survivor buffs - what is the highest you have been and died before getting the title?
Had an hour to spare this morning - got in the first seven quests - now at 904k toward my next goal of one million.
I made it to under 200k remaining doing FoW runs H/H.. LOL at the wailing lord, I ran to far in and the skelly's got me. But Just dusted off myself and started over ^_^ and got it.
Now you are scaring me, Kyrel. I have to keep telling myself "don't to get cocky" - "be patient" - "you are not a tank, you have on ele pjs" - "there are hydra's on the other side of that hill" - "pull" - and the ever popular "RUN!"

I actually had a team wipe - all but me because I was in RUN! mode - and I came back with a rez scroll. One other time I went from 500+ health to 125 in a blink. I was afraid I had died and been quickly rezzed. I actually stopped and checked my status.

Just being very careful now - I don't want to have a Kyrel story and laugh about it later.
I'd say the two things to watch out for are un-triggered traps (some impalers move about and lay traps everywhere) and PBAoE spikes from hydra. In either case, the best thing to do would be to keep your heros in front of you.
Burning forest is a place to take your time. Not fun when you suddenly find yourself boxed in with meteors dropping on you...
Absolutely, Jeffrey and Reginator. Slow but sure is the ticket from here to the title.

The first couple of times I went into the burning forest I did the skirt around the right hand side thing. But I kept getting boxed in and having to run. Now, I just follow the path and kill everything. It is slower but safer. Plus, with scrolls, I get a good bit of extra xp.

Jeffrey, I'd love to see that build you used to solo those areas in FoW.
The build I run is a combination of the MT, T1, T2 builds used in the FoW speed clear and can solo anything except the Tower of Courage, A Gift of Griffons and Defend the Temple of War. It actually requires an Essence of Celerity consumable for the solo parts, I used 2 of them on that run. It also requires a fair bit of experience to run.

Shadow Arts 12+1+3
Earth Magic 12

Shroud of Distress - 75% block and +8 regen while under 50% health
Shadow Form - Can't be hit by spells, also small damage reduction
"I Am Unstoppable!" - Anti-kd, used before casting spells
Unseen Fury - Blind, used during IAU's downtime for damage reduction
Armor of Earth - Only needed at Burning Forest and Tower of Strength when taking massive damage
Ebon Battle Standard of Honor - Increases damage of Sliver Armor
Sliver Armor - Damages nearby foes whenever you are hit
Death's Charge - Jumping up ledges and getting unstuck
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Yes, I killed everything in FoW but for a few places around farthest reaches of tower of courage when I was just tired.. tower and kobay were my last 2 quests on my route. Most times I vq'd the whole FoW tho with scrolls. I did find killing everything in burning forest worked best.

Go Abba Go!!!
Seventh run was a full run. A bit sketchy at times - had to use a rez scroll.

Made it to 1,027,963...310,000 to go!
A big time scare this afternoon - thought I was going to have a Kyrel story after all.

I was at 1,126,000 and clearing the path for the griffins when my computer went blank. I had to control-alt-del out and reboot. Guild Wars had not dumped me yet - but thankfully, I was in a little safe zone and had not died.

My computer was still having some problems so I closed out even though I was forfeiting a bunch of xp. I was just glad nothing came along and killed me while I was in limbo.

Caution is the key word from here on out. 201k to go.
Sooo...I got up to do an early morning, July 4th FoW run - I had just killed the first shard wolf and got a chaplain call from the police to go see the family of an officer involved shooting victim.

It is like the GW gods are trying to keep me from finishing up this survivor title.

Off to the city parade and community barbecue we are hosting at the church.

Then Spiderman in 3D.

Y'all have a great 4th.