Get to Know the Guildies Thread


Legacy of Elijah Officer
In order to help us get to know eachother better, please post in this thread. As the leader as of 3Feb09, I will start. I am starting this thread in the officer's forum to allow each of the officers to reply first. Once all the officers have replied, the thread will be moved to the general forum to allow everyone to introduce themselves. (link to 2008 thread for reference)

This thread is only for introducing yourself, please limit yourselves to 1 post per person. No specific information is required and if you are under 18, please limit the information you post to respect any limits your parents may have set for you in respect to personal information online.

Name: Derk
Age: 33
Other info: Married, 2 sons - 8 & 6yrs old, adopting a daughter - details to come
Home: Zeeland, Michigan
In-Game guild: Both SoE and SOE (2 accounts)
Position: Guild and Alliance Leader
PvE/PvP preferences: Both
Primary Character: Loew Krug - Necromancer, 8M XP
Completed all chapters, 3 protector titles, Legendary Cartographer, Legendary Sunspear/Lightbringer, Legendary Skill Hunter, "I'm Very Important (3)"
I have a level 20 of each profession except Warrior
Secondary Acct Primary Character: Eildert Derk - Monk

PvE Goals: Currently working on Tyrian/Legendary Vanquisher (46/54), Guardian titles (Hard Mode Missions - Need Tyrian and Elonian), EotN Dungeon Book then HM books

PvP Goals: Win in Hall of Heroes with a SoE/SOE team - Again!
Name: Joey
Age: 16.5
Other Info: High schooler
Home: NC
In-Game guild: SoE
position: officer
PvE mainly
Primary Character: Lil Destoryer
Protected all continents, capped two, cartog'd. two, LB/SS maxed, Kind of a Big Deal (9)

PvE Goals: Clear UW on Lil, get the Rainbow Phoenix, help folks as I can, and recover financially from the Boardwalk.

PvP Goals: Not fail epically when I attempt.
Name: Anthony
Age: 16
Birthday: Oct 6.
State: California
Guild: Spirit of Elisha (SOE)
Position: Officer, TS Operator
PvE/PvP: Both equally
Primary Character: His Traveling Monk

PvE Goals: Uh.. nothing right now. I've done all I've really wanted to do.

PvP Goals: Well.. short term: R6 and get my wolf. Long term: get Rank 8 and put it in my HoM

Contact: Xfire: Stc95; Facebook; AIM/Yahoo; Email:
Name: Andrew
Age: 29
Birthday: July 9
Guild: Spirit of Elijah
Position: Officer / PvP Coordinator
PvP/PvE: As of late only PvP
PvE Goals: Nothing important at the moment.
PvP Goals:Get the Alliance to begin winning Halls on a Regular Basis as well as get my Rank 6
Contact:Yahoo,Facebook Email:haveshotgunwilltravel at
Name: Paul
Age: 35
Other Info: Teacher/Librarian
Home: Atlanta GA
In-Game guild: SoE, SOE
Position: Officer (mostly I organize and play PvP)
I'm PvP rank 4, pretty good at creating or tweaking builds
PvE Goals: Get better stuff. Hey that's what PvE is all about!
PvP Goals: Next rank! Might happen in my lifetime!
Name: John (most people call me Caro, which is actually my wife's name)
Age: 35
Other info: Spanish teacher
Home: VA
In game guild: SOE
Position: officer
Pvp/pve: both. I like pvp better, but do pve more.
Pve goals: Get chaos gloves, obsidian armor, people know me title.
Pvp goals: Get my bambi emote (115 fame right now)
Other: Protector of Tyria, Elona. Tyrian, Canthan skill hunter. Legendary delver. r10 spearmarshal. Might have protector of Cantha and legendary skill hunter in the next week or two.
Name: Dea
Age: 35
Graphic designer; book and fiber artist
Married since 1996 to Dorkelf
Home: Atlanta, Georgia

In-Game guild: Both SoE and SOE (see below)
Position: Officer in SoE and SOE
PvE/PvP preferences: Both

Primary Characters:
SoE account: Maid Mirawyn, Me 20
SOE account: Drian the Dedicated, Mo 20

Rank 4 Deadly Hero

PvE Goals: (1) Finish all three campaigns and Eye of the North with Tarabeth Charnay (R 20) and Maid Mirawyn, since I don't have any one character that has completed everything! (2) Actually PLAY PvE...

PvP Goals: (1) More victories in the maps leading up to the Hall of Heroes, especially Fetid River (2) Hold the Hall of Heroes for at least two consecutive victories

For the benefit of guild and alliance members...
Paul and I both have characters on both accounts. If you aren't sure who you're talking to, don't be afraid to ask! (And if your whisper involves info of a sensitive nature, I recommend it!) :) If the character has "Mirawyn" in the name, it's almost certainly me...unless Paul is doing faction farming with a PvP character I created. The other female characters are a bit of a toss up, but if it's a male name, it's Paul. If the name is a really bad pun, it's definitely Paul.
Name: Mike
Age: 48
Occupation: I own an IT company providing computer-related services to business and residents in the Colorado Springs area.
Married for over 25 years, 1 daughter - 21 (plays GW), 1 son - 16 (gave up gaming).
Home: Colorado Springs, CO

In-Game guild: SOE
Position: Officer
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE

Primary Character: Aleron Balendin, E 20 (See signature for current character list).

PvE Goals: I've been focusing on my Ele lately, trying to max out some titles. He has Protector for Tyria and Cantha, in addition to maxing cartographer for both. Once he either has Protector for Elona or Grandmaster Cartographer, then I'll finally have the first of the KoaBD titles. Also working on LDoA with a Warrior (may create a second account so I can be my own gate monkey and Monk... plus I need more room to store stuff!).

PvP Goals: None yet, but would like to learn PvP play. I only played in one PvP battle and lost miserably. That was with my Warrior and it seems casters do a bit better.

My daughter is in SOE and plays occasionally as Katava Raien. My future son-in-law is Lord Osirs and is also in SOE
Name: Phil
Age: 24
Other info: i love music, just started taking vocal lessons (currently learning a song in Italian, ugh it's hard) vocalist for currently un-named Christian metal/hardcore band, Kiljoy is one of the guitarists, we're hoping to start playing concerts this summer, Lord willing

Home: the city of seven hills, the commonwealth of virginia
In-Game guild: SOE
Position: officer
PvE/PvP preferences: both
Primary Character: Trinity Morningdove
Name: Al
Age: 57
Married for 36 years in June - two sons, one runs around Guild Wars with me.
Home: Vallejo, CA (near San Francisco)

In-Game guild: SOE
PvE/PvP preferences: never played PvP but plan to some day

Primary Characters:
Abba San, Mo 20 - first and favorite
Abba Lahav, E 20 - most recent and farthest along

PvE Goals: I finished all four areas with my Elementalist and now working on a) vanquisher titles b) cartographer while vanquishing c) building up Kurzick rank.

PvP Goals: to simply play PvP sometime.
Name: TJ (or Thomas, whichever)
Age: 22
Other info: Full time college student, working for the college as a Computer Technician pays for my tuition.
Home: College of the Ozarks, Missouri
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE, but I love PvP with guild/alliance parties.
Primary Character: Pyril Stormhand
Completed all chapters and EoTN, working on getting Protector of Tyria
I have one of every profession except Mesmer, of which only one (the assassin) is not level 20.

PvE Goals: Currently working on Protector of Tyria, take my ranger (who has my favorite weapon so far -the silverwing recurve bow) through all campaigns and EoTN.
Also, complete Duncan the Black again, and complete Sorrow's Furnace, and Underworld -of the half-dozen or so times I've been down there, I have never completed it-, and the torment area, and Urgoz, and the Luxon one.
Yeah, I'll be busy for a while.

PvP Goals: Actually achieve a rank in the hero title track. :p
Name: Raven
Age: Old enough to be your mother.
Other info: I work fulltime as a system developer (fancy term for a geek)
Home: Va
In-Game Guild: SOE
Primary Character: The Scarlet Raven

I have completed all campaigns and currently have "many leather-bound books". Quite literally too since they added tomes and campaign mission books into the game.

PvE Goals: Been there, done that. Currently I'd like to complete all EotN dungeons in hard mode to finish the Master of the North title and I'd welcome any help the alliance can offer. I'm also working the 3 consumables titles (drunkard, sweeth tooth and Party animal). I've never completed The Deep so would love to see someone lead a competent team down there. It seems that you're not welcome in pugs unless you've already finished it several hundred times.

PvP Goals: Become competent in HA and start winning Halls consistently. A mini ghostly would be nice too.
Name: Chris
Age: 26
Other info: Married, 1 sons - 1 1/2 years
Home: Little Rock, AR
In-Game guild: SoE
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE
Primary Character: Whichever one I feel like playing at the moment, they're all about equal these days.

PvE Goals: Finish Nightfall, finish EoTN
Name: Omega
Age: 27
Other info: Single, works a lot of hours as an engineer.
Home: Florida
In-Game guild: SOE
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE (for now)

PvE Goals: Finish the Factions, Nightfall, and EoTN campaigns. Then try some PvP.
Name: Steve
Age: 33
Family info: Wife - Jodie
Christian, 6 years
Jasmin, 4 years
Twin A & Twin B, both girls due to be born about mid-May
Home: Melbourne, Australia
In-Game guild: Not sure yet, will find out when I log on next I suppose
Position: Newbie newb newb
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE to start with
Primary Character: Thawee From Thaur - Mo/Me Level 6 pre-Searing
I have Guild Wars and Eye of the North
PvE Goals: Just working my way through the game and learning as I go
PvP Goals: I'll find out when I get to Level 20
Name: Micah
Age: 26
Other info: Married; 1 son - 1.5 yrs old
Home: Virginia
In-Game guild: SOE
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE
Primary Character: Palin Ranger

PvE Goals: HM Books, Canthan Explorer, VQing in NF and Proph, Telling people that the Palin in my name is from a book, not from a Governor of Alaska. He he he.

Name: Kerry

Age: 1.5 months from 19

Other info: Student at Western Illinois University, double majoring in Music Business and Philosophy. I'm clearly not in it for the money.

Home: Macomb, Illinois

In-Game guild: Spirit of Elisha

Position: New Guy

PvE/PvP preferences: PvP

Primary Character: Atherion Rath - Monk

Secondary Acct Primary Character: N/A

PvE Goals: Unlock everything!

PvP Goals: Win
Name: Tony
Age: 42
Other Info: Father of 6
In-Game guild:SOE
position: Witness
PvE mainly
Primary Character: Ash Slayton

PvE Goals: To have fun and be a "walking" testimony to our Lord and Savior

PvP Goals: Uuuhhh???Not very good at it...
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Name: Matt
Age: 29
Married for 7 years this fall, have a 2.5 year old kiddo

In-Game guild: none yet ;)
PvE/PvP preferences: I like both, but prefer PvE

Primary Characters:
Phunk E Monkey - 20/Mo

PvE Goals: Finish Factions with my Monk, get all other chars to lev 20

PvP Goals: Play some with SoE/SOE
Name: Michelle, but most friends call me "Ish-y"
Age: 30s
Home: Atlanta
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Your friendly neighborhood backstabber! I *really* like chasing down monks!
PvE/PvP preferences: PvP
Primary Character: Carynna Casen, however, I'm hardly ever on her, and generally if I'm on, it's with Scary Purple Death, my PvP 'Sin.
Completed...nothing really in PvE. Never been a huge fan of PvE in GW. But hey, I finally made it to 20! I did win Hall of Heroes once with SoE, though!