Get to Know the Guildies Thread

Yo yo its me Sarah Oakenshield. STC forced me to come back to ze forums so here I am. Glad to be back with the family I guess.
Hey Luke. Good to see you here. Tell us more about yourself when you get a chance. Here's a suggested outline:

Other info:
In-Game guild:
Character Names:
PvE/PvP preferences:
PvE Goals:
PvP Goals:
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Name: Joshua
Age: 16
Birthday: April 1
State: Wisconsin
Guild: HOLY
Position: Officer
PvE/PvP: It doesn't really matter , I have fun doing both
Primary Character: Brave Sir Joshua
X-Fire username: joshuaf159
married 23 years one daughter and 2 grandchildren
Boss, Missouri
guild SOE
completed all chapters on 3 chars have 35 titles on my main
working on kurzick at the moment, after that I am hoping anet will
add more titles to the game but I'm not going to hold my breath.

I really enjoy helping people with HM mission and all.
My main thing is I love to farm on my ele. I have done that more than anything
else in the game.
Name:Robert(or Robby which ever) Longshore
Home:moving b/f from DFW, TX and Akron, OH
Guild: SOE
Main Character: Live To Die For Him
PvE:99% of the time
PvP:wanting to make atleast 25% of the time
Degree: (major)Youth Ministry (Minor)Computer Science
Other info:Started playing 2 years ago and not tryed for very many titles, wanting to try for titles though, creating a new main character Ele/Derve soon.
Name: Ed
Age: 39
Hometown: Born in SC, now living in Washington State (gotta love the rain!)
Other info: I have a BA in Education and taught kindergarten and third grade for several years. Now I just work for the US Department of Defense as a civilian servicing Trident submarines.
In-Game guild: Spirit of Elisha
Position: Member
Character Names: Star Munchkin (ranger – primary)
PvE/PvP preferences: 90% PVE – 10% PVP (primarily Alliance Battles)
PvE Goals: achieve “I’m Important” title before GW 2
PvP Goals: N/A

I’ve played Guild Wars since its debut. I eventually took a much-needed break in the summer of 2008. In 2009 I tried to play again but didn’t have a desire. Now I’m making a new effort since I joined SOE. Before I took the break, I was working on vanquishing. I kept detailed records of my characters using google spreadsheets. That information can be found here.

My favorite profession is the ranger. This was the very first character I created and still the most enjoyable. The enjoyment originally came from the rogue in Diablo then the amazon in Diablo 2. I like the versatility of the profession especially the use of a beastmaster and as an interrupt ranger.

PVE Characters:
Star Munchkin – Ranger (Tyria)
Criado De Elyon - Monk (Tyria)
Fluxx Munchkin - Elementalist (Tyria)
Curico Mestizo - Assassin (Cantha)
Illuminada Mapuche - Ritualist (Cantha)
Nocturnal Nightmare - Necromancer (Cantha)
Haashim Al Naafiysh - Dervish (Elona)
Star Fluxx – Paragon (Elona)
Naa Fiysh – Mesmer (Elona)

The paragon and mesmer were created because I was getting bored with Guild Wars. Thus I tried to play new characters but it didn't help. That's when I took the break.

PVP / Mules Characters:

Materia Del Tinte - Elementalist
Materia Dela Arma – Warrior
Materia Dela Mejora – Ranger
Materia Dela Prima – Necromancer
Materia Demasiada – Assassin
Materia Miscelania – Mesmer

Initially the PVP characters were mules with specific items to hold (tinte – dyes, arma – weapons, demasiada – too much stuff ;) etc). These were created long before Anet offered the extra storage slots. For alliance battles, I enjoy playing the mesmer. I have a great build for shutting down those pesky assassins :D

I can play about 1 - 2 days a week and will concentrate on vanquishing again.

Thank you for the invite and I'm looking forward to playing with guild and alliance members soon :)

Naafiysh aka Ed
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Name: Cody

Age: 30

Hometown: Santiago,Chile

Other info: I've been married for 5 1/2 years, have a 5 month old daughter and work as an English/TOEFL instructor and in Ministry.

In-Game guild: SOE

Position: Member

Character Names: Chile Jay R/W 15

PvE/PvP preferences: So far I'm exclusively PvE and haven't actually gotten into PvP yet. I'm currently working/trudging my way through the Prophecies campaign right now. However, thanks to some helpful tips from all of you I'm now in Cantha ready to level up quickly!

PvE Goals: Complete all campaigns with my R/W

PvP Goals: Start learning.
Name; Douglas


Hometown: Etobicoke Ontario , Canada

In game Guild : SOE

Position : Member

Other Info: Going back to school to obtain my G.E.D. A certificate equivalent to a High school diploma . And hope to become a Musician in the next 5 years currently learning guitar and hope to learn piano and violin

Character: Arthur Evilslayer

Pve/PVP Preferences: Don't know much about guild wars content wise but I always enjoy pve more then pvp now a days and started a toon in factions based on recommendations

Pve Goals: To reach level 20 and obtain all legendary titles through all 3 campaigns
Welcome Brothertruck. Congratulations on the G.E.D., very wise choice hang in there with it.
Name: Kenny
Age: 23 (if you read this by Monday)
Residence: Vancouver, WA
Occupation: Full-time student

Other things: I'm something of a jack of all trades with a notable interest in cooking and martial arts (traditional and modern competitive forms alike). Someday, I'll actually graduate with a BS in Bible and Theology. The problem is that I've too many interests to leave them by the wayside for long enough to get a diploma at the same time as most of those from my same high school graduating class. No complaints, though. Life is both a process and an adventure to me, and a desire to live by a grand to-do list holds no appeal to me; I'd rather live now than put off being alive until the conditions are all perfect.

Main character: Kendrik The Red
Class: Warrior
Level: Low (7 as of writing)

PvE Interest: I'm currently more interested in PvE than PvP. I'm used to playing support roles out of necessity. At the moment, I'm more or less just soloing through the campaigns in order for the sake of the story. Once I finish the campaigns, I'll likely take up the mantle of the Paragon unless if there is another role that would be more useful to the guild.

PvP Interest: I'm highly competitive and do what it takes to learn and win. That being said, I'm a quester at heart, and I want to have a strong feel for the game and character mechanics before going competitive.
Name: Aaron
Age: 18
Other info: In college at VFCC (Valley Forge Christian College)
Home:Mantua NJ
In-Game guild: SoE
PvE/PvP preferences: Both but prefer PvP since it passes time better
Primary Character: Kire The Caller :]
Completed all chapters, working on Titles nothing to big in game :/

Name: Antony
Age: 35
Other info: Single dad. My son is thriteen and my daughter is 10
Home: Marin County, California
In-Game guild: SoE
Position: Guild Member
PvE/PvP preferences: Both
Primary Character: Lord Elijah Alkazar (W/R)
Completed no chapters (New to Guild Wars)
Other Characters: Brother Elijaah (M/Me)

Hoping to make some lifelong friends here!

May God's face shine upon you always!
Name: Tom
Age: 24
Other info: Living with my brother in a condo
Home: Toronto, Canada
In-Game guild: SOE
Position: Guild Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE
Primary Character: Sydney Archenson (W/E)
Completed no chapters Prophecies, working on Eye of the North
Other Characters: Aerick Duridane (R/E)
Name: Tommy
Age: 31
Other info: I am a father of two small boys with a beautiful wife. I had a heart attack last year. Doctors don't know what caused the heart attack, but I am blessed to be alive.
Home: Tennessee
In-Game guild: SOE
Position: Guild Member
PvE/PvP preferences: PvE, Never tried PVP
Primary Character: Byshop Starr (E/M)

Name: Javier Morhy
Age: 41
Other info: Tech Support Agent for Irrigation Products
Home:Tijuana, Mexico
In-Game guild: Non Yet
Position: Newbie
PvE/PvP preferences: Dunno yet...but Im having fun
Primary Character: Good Ole Taco
LvL 5..and have no Idea how I got
Name: Ethan
Age: I'll be 18 tomorrow :3
Other info: I play the drums and I've been around the block with gaming.
Home: U.S. EST
In-Game guild: The Homeslice Crew [HsC]
(Currently looking for a Cod4 clan)
Position: Member
PvE/PvP preferences: I enjoy both, I can tend to get carried away either way. it really depends on the game.
Primary Character: If you want my In-game name for Guild Wars then you'll have to message me on the forums or on xfire for account security reasons. In Cod4 I usually go by "Tabs".
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Name: Daniel
Age: 43
Home: Western North Carolina
In-Game Guild: WWJD (Officer)
In-Game Name: Nought To Serious

I am a step-dad to 4 children, 2 Girls (19 and 20) and 2 boys (15 and 18) I have 2 grandkids and another on its way. I am in love with my wife to whom I have had 9 years of marriage. I am a deacon at our church and I am putting myself through college in hopes to get a better job, presently I am a battery changer for forklifts at Walmart Distrubution. So if you see me ingame and need anything I will do all that is in my abilities to assist but know this that I am still learning also.
Name: Rev_Rog (Roger)
Age: 41
Other info: Pastor, Married, Three kids. (Life is Good!)
Home:Columbus, Ohio
In-Game guild: none (new player)

PvE/PvP preferences: Both but prefer PvE since it passes time better
Primary Character: Regor Ggel

Hoping to start playing with some of you in preparation of GW2!
Welcome Regor be happy to have you in Spirit of Elisha or Spirit of Elijah guild.
edit: invite sent to Spirit of Elisha SOE
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Winter Night Sky Bio

Hey everyone! I am new to Guild Wars and just joined SOE.

IGN: Winter Night Sky

A little about me? I work as a Bank Manager and have a beautiful wife and newborn son. My wife and I are very active in our church and help/lead worship for them. I used to play WOW but got tired of it and the monthly fee so decided to play GW. Was part of a wonderful community of Christians in WOW and looking forward to devloping that same relationship with all of you.

PvE goals: Have fun and explore the game. Just got all Campaigns and EOTN.

PvP goals: Not too in to PvP but looking forward to trying it out.

I'm usually on late as I spend most of my time with my family. Looking forward to playing with you all! God Bless!