Guild Wars 2 Name List


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Post here the names of characters you are planning to make for GW2. This will not only help once the game is released to play with friends, but also in the formation of the guild(s). Feel free to add any additional information you see fit (ie. Mesmer, Warrior, Asuran, Charr, etc)
The only character I'm 100% sure of right now is:

Prophet Elhanan (Either Ele or Gu)

My alts didn't get much love in GW1 b/c of the same. exact. story. every time. GW2 I'm afraid I'll end up being an alt-ohalic. :)
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Kyrel Aeryn my GW main warrior.. will be warrior, but not sure what race yet (charr maybe) who wants to be a human :p

I have tons of alts... not sure what GW2 name + prof + race for them yet ^_^
Peter Venkmann will return as a necro, and Askaninja Ninja will be back as a thief. Human for necro, and unsure about the rest. Thief may be human so I can have a canthan storyline.

Beyond that, it's still up in the air. A charr ranger (a necro's bane in gw1) will probably be in the cards, and possibly norn warrior (maybe asuran just because that would be hilarious). In short, I'll use up however many character slots I get, leaving one (or buying another slot) for new race/class combos.
Ursina's great great grand daughter will take her grandmum's name of Ursina and possibly change the family last name to Kristeen. And following in the Clan Erse traditions will be a ranger because of an empathy with animals.
There has also been an application to join Clan Erse from a rather unconventional Sylvari who would like to be a flame thrower wielding Engineer, named Smoke on the Water.
In addition there is an Asuran Necro that is named Dead Heading.
I'm sure that sooner or later other classes will be attracted to Clan Erse as it become ever more diverse.
Pretty much a sureshot that my main will be KendrikTheRed. That's all I know so far. XD
I have no idea what my new naming scheme will be... but I will be the Norn with the bodacious mustache. :)
I'll make a human mesmer, Orry will be in his name somewhere, not sure if I want it to just be "Orry" or if I want it to be something with a last name.
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I'm looking at a Mesmer (maybe Sylvari) - Elementalist (maybe human, maybe Charr) - Warrior (Norn) - all of which will have Abba somewhere in the name.
FYI to those asking about naming convention: 3-19 characters just like Guild Wars 1, but the big change is it appears that spaces are not required.

As for names, so far this is what I've cemented:
Brave Sir Ryan - <unknown> Ranger
The Last Bearbender - Norn Guardian
Mitt The Ripper - Human Thief

Guilds are people too, my friends!
I am thinking of something along the lines of ones I have already. Most definitely Pwner Hood. I also would like to make one called Disciple of(or for) Christ. I know that I have one named that in GW, but I am not sure if it will be allowed in GW2.
Probably start with one of the follwing: variation of beans, variation of martyr, or a variation of josh. Complex, isn't it?
I'm not positive on all of them right now, but I know there will be a Narius, Suiran and Magyn in here somewhere. Maybe a Peeta. I'm not sure on classes, but those names for me are pretty much cemented. And if I get a surname, is it possible to have it on several characters? Because I like the name Nandiasi on all those characters. That was my SWTOR legacy name.
Gotta stick with my classic names for almost everything:
Engris, the human thief,
and Arthaelas, the sylvari ranger.
That's the plan for now anyways.