Guild Wars Screenshots!

I just started not too long ago, so this is a screenie of my character "Jemini Jax" in Old Ascalon.



I'm on fire!!!!:eek:

Darn... can't get it very big with imageshack... can any regular screenie posters tell me what I'm doing wrong here...
alright heres stuff from the monday night assault






I forgot TOMBS



Check out Sydney's Back tattoo! I never knew how cool it was! Thanks the the AMAZING ANET we can now toggle capes and helmets off/on in towns and combat....
Cool pics! Nice to see ANet doing holiday stuff to make the game more enjoyable. Methinks they will do this again for Christmas...
Did you collect Charr Carvings for the horse man in Ascalon City? He gives some real neat Halloween toys that liven things up for the lower levels.
The Horseman is near the dye and rare crafting material merchants, wants 3 charr carvings for halloween goodies - haven't tried them out yet but I hear a) they're fun and b) they don't last very long.
My favorite is the pumpkin head. Too lazy to upload screenshots... but the ghost in the box is a little wraith that says "boo" and vanishes, the squash stuff gives you a pumpkin head for a minute or two, the witch's brew makes your screen tinted - and very hard to describe - but wavy? Really odd anyways and I'm not drinking it again. The other item starts with "a" and just does a short burst of green flames from your feet upwards.