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When we were first looking into starting up a TOR chapter erikkennedy777 volunteered for the Republic leader position, so technically he would be in charge of that. He hasn't logged into the forums since January, though, so I don't know if he is still going to do that or not. I do intend to try some Republic classes at some point, but my intention is to focus on Sith. I may be forced to rethink that position if the Sith guild isn't very successful, but I would prefer to have Sith as my main faction.
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There also appeared to be more interest from TOJ members in a Sith guild when TOR was first mentioned a few months ago. There were members that preferred Republic, but it seemed like most were more interested in Sith.
Oh, I also intend to try both eventually, but I would prefer my main focus to be Sith. Any Republic characters I make would likely be secondary.
I am currently a member of a christian TOR guild that will be rolling on the Republic side. It is named Saints of The Old Republic. I also intent to have Sith toons and will be with Redeemed on the Sith side.

With all the E3 activity all the forums are hopping but not much going on here??? I would like to see some signs of life...
Here meaning the TOJ republic forums or just the TOR forums in general? The TOJ republic guild certainly doesn't seem to have any activity, but the Sith one gets a decent amount. We at least have several people who post occasionally about their interest.
My bro wants to roll republic so I will make a republic toon as well. But my main will be sith.
Like Bro T has stated there is a Christian Republic Guild called Saints of the Old Republic. We have recently reached 100 members and are in communication to join the CGA, so anyone is welcome to join. I'll probably end up rolling a sith alt in Redeemed. Let's just make sure we don't end up on the same server.

there has been a lot of buzz around our forums about members wanting to have Sith alts. we were thinking of trying to send the Sith alts to the Redeemed guild. is there any update on the groups growth and leadership structure at this moment?
As I think I mentioned in another thread, I am happy to have anyone who wants to join up. I can't give you an exact member count at this point, but I know that we have seen a good amount of interest in a Sith Empire guild given that I haven't posted on the TOR forums about it yet.

As for the leadership structure, I am currently the only leader and we have no officers, but I don't intend to keep it that way. Eventually I plan on having multiple leaders (always an odd number, if possible). I would probably go with either three leaders or possibly five if the guild gets very large, with a complement of officers to cover whatever needs we have in that area. I'm not really concerned about making those changes right now, since we don't even know when the game will be released, but I will do what I can to make sure we are ready at release.
I would be more likely to spend most of my time as a Republic sided character, but isn't there also a neutral faction? (e.g. Smuggler/Bounty Hunter)

I've been thinking of playing a Jedi Counselor when the game comes out.
Bounty hunters and smugglers may have slightly less obvious alignments, but they have still been very clearly aligned with factions thus far. Smugglers are on the Republic side, Bounty Hunters are Sith. I have seen no indication at this point that there will be a such thing as a neutral player faction.
I would be more likely to spend most of my time as a Republic sided character, but isn't there also a neutral faction? (e.g. Smuggler/Bounty Hunter)

I've been thinking of playing a Jedi Counselor when the game comes out.

There has been alot of commentary about this. Most people want smuggler and BH to be neutral, but that hasn't seemed to phase the devs any. :(
I don't know if TOJ will end up having a Republic guild or not. I know that I will focus on Sith, but I can't speak for everyone else.
I would probably prefer a Republic side guild actually, but I'll join the Sith guild just to have people to play the game with. It sounds like there will be group oriented content that I'll need a group of friends to play with.
I think it's good to have a Empire Christian guild just to "bring balance to the force" Since all the other Christian guilds that I know of is going republic.

When I first started using these forums I was a bit confused because I thought LOJ was the ToJ republic guild.

I would also like to suggest renaming the "Galactic Republic Guild Forums" to "Into The Light Forums". Same with the general forum name there. Just to cut down on the confusion of new comers.

I don't mean to sound arrogant or anything by coming in and making suggestions/corrections...I know I am the new guy here. It's just that I have a little experience with guild leadership with other games, so just offering my advice...I want to see both guilds of ToJ succeed! :)