Hey Grim

Well, at the moment there isn't really a ToJ Republic guild. The guy who had offered to lead it hasn't been on since April, and no one else has offered to take his place yet. So for the time being, these forums are essentially just a placeholder in case someone actually decides to lead a ToJ Republic guild. As you said there are multiple options for Christians who want to play Republic, so I don't see that as a necessity right now.
When I first started using these forums I was a bit confused because I thought LOJ was the ToJ republic guild.
The Lions are a separate community of Christian gamers. We have done many joint guilds in the past and seen great success together. Many members frequent both sites. I don't think you can go wrong with either guild and you will have lots of people to play with on either side.

If someone wants to lead a ToJ republic guild, go for it, I just think we already have a quality affiliated one in place, might as well support them and not take away potential members.

If I play I will be playing in both guilds - ToJ sith and LoJ republic.
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I will definitely be active in both guilds when SWTOR comes out as well, all though my main focus will be on Called from Darkness and furthering the content in which our guild will clear.