HoTS openning cinematic


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I agree with the YouTube comments.... they need to make a movie already.
I agree. I am also wondering how that guy figured out about the party picture in the beginning of the clip. Unless I am missing something, you would need to download the video and put it in to a special player where you can see frame by frame. I know it would not be difficult to do, but what is the point unless you know it is there.


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Wings of Liberty was $60 at launch, yeah. Pretty sure it's only $40 now (and has been available for $20 on a number of occasions). Still, Heart of the Swarm is only $40 on Amazon and Gamestop alike. So, I'm guessing I just misunderstood your meaning in your first post. Oh well. Them's the numbers now.


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My target price for HotS is $20, but I may raise it to $30 if I see sufficient evidence that they "fixed" Zerg in the expansion. I have no doubts there'll be plenty of new content, but Steam sales, a massive backlog, and a general disappointment in the changes made to Zerg in SC2 have ensured I won't spend full price (and will probably not spend more than 50% of the launch price) on HotS.

That being said, I hope that the expansion will bring many new players to ToJ and rally those who played when SC2 released but stopped playing in the months that followed.


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Yeah the cinematic was so awesome. I played a game yesterday, I think I did all right considering I hadn't played in a really long time. I lost and got placed bronze :confused: lol I was playing not quite as well as my best, but really not terrible haha, so I guess it placed me so long because I haven't been on very often lately.

Kendrik, do you play often? I don't think I have you as a friend.


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I hadn't played for like a month. I've been playing a ton over the last week. I'm still in bronze league, but I've gone like... 28-7 and am just waiting to move up to the next level. Add me. ^_^

I just recommend adding my character rather than RealID, though. Now that I've started streaming, I try to keep from real names popping up in said stream, or at least give folks full knowledge that their names may show up on stream if they stay as RealID friends.