I came out of the closet


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Today I was eating lunch with some people from my church. One of the men there plays a big part in our church. He overheard that I played video games and asked which one. When I mentioned WoW under my breath his eyes all lit up.

I saw the connection! Instantly our wives rolled their eyes, going "oh noes! Here it comes" Hahah we had some good talks about server progression and endgame fun. I have to admit it was nice to chat with some people from church about WoW and not be embarrassed to admit that I'm addicted.

Well anyways, I found out that quite a few people at my church play. Sadly, they have to raid in an environment that is not as "family friendly" like our beloved guild. So I am going to try to convince them to re-roll on Stonemaul and join us in Redeemed. Unfortunately they play Horde so server transfers won't help out.

So if you see a bunch of new lvl 1's in the guild, make sure to be friendly as you always are. :)

How about the rest of you? Any of you play with real life friends from church?
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Yay for playing with people you know from church!! =D

I play with friends from the fellowship I'm apart of at PSU...and most of you already know them as Miriallia, Lukey, and Azzie. For those of you who remember when I started playing....Prufrock as well....but he doesn't play anymore. =(
there are actually a few more, meli....but I think they might prefer the anonymity for now :D
That is actually how I found Redeemed. I was at the Fine Arts Festival Prelims with Semead and Skyly. I was standing by one of the doors waiting to go in and watch one of the other people from our church when I overheard Semead say something about Darnassus. I immediately said "What did you just say?" he said in a somewhat embaressed and hushed tone "Darnassus" which I responded "OMG DO YOU PLAY WOW!" and since then boom connection, we talked about our characters for a while, I was bummed because I was the only one between Semead, Paster, and Sky to have a Hordie so they couldn't come and game with me so I decided to roll over here in order to have some fun with them....now if only I could get Xi to 60 grrr.
It feels really weird being the last poster in a thread titled "I came out of the closet"...

lol [nervous smiley]
Hahaha Poor Bowser. =P

Azzie....you guys have been holding out on me?! T_T Well I know that Dridri is someone Lukey/Miri know but apparently I don't know them. /sigh

Tell me who else plays!! X_X
hmm well sadly no one i know IRL plays with me from church plus even if they did i probly wouldnt be told cause at church "im the human dictionary" however i do enjoy playing with my 2 brothers and Melko who lives up the road :)
Vunderlord is my friend from Church. Our wives in unison roll their eyes everytime we talk about WoW. It is nice, our wives are good friends too, so it has been a convenient way to hook up and game during the times the wives go out shopping.
hehe sorry, I was real bored and looking through old threads. I figured at least Odale would appreciate this. :) The good ol beginnings of Wall, Tree, Jackhog, Tanksalot, Muschepants and others as they joined Red.
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I have a similar experience actually from just last week. It didn't happen with anyone from Church, but just random public. I was talking with my friend @ work about WoW. She was saying that she didn't like Engineeres cuz it's kind of a selfish profession and u can't really make stuff for others. I was saying it's not really true, as they can make ammo (before patch) and drop a mailbox for ppl. This older couple walked by and the lady was like: "Hey, that sounds like WoW". So yeah, we started talking about the game and toons they have, it was pretty neat. They told me they got stuck on Putricide and I tried to give them some hints like dpsing slimes and the abom eating slimes, but it's hard cuz I think they mostly pug. All in all, a pretty neat experience. :)
Flame and I are best friends irl but I don't know anyone else who plays. I've been trying to get one of my friends to play but his excuse is something about how he is lame, at least that's what I hear.
Flame and I are best friends irl but I don't know anyone else who plays. I've been trying to get one of my friends to play but his excuse is something about how he is lame, at least that's what I hear.

I believe he says something along the lines of "For $15 a month, I'd rather get a new PS3 game every 3 months instead of paying to play the same one I already have."

Which, as Cryo said, translates into "I'm lame".