I came out of the closet


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yeah but you need a new ps3 game every month to keep you occupied, or at least I would heh, I had 14 xbox 360 games and the only one I played regularly and wasnt bored with was COD online and that was mainly the same reason WoW stays interesting was getting online and chattin with friends and groupin up to go fight together heh.

Speaking of which now that I got decent internet I should buy the new COD and hop online and play again:p


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well funny you should ask that...I am entertaining a return to Azeroth. It just so happens that I have access to the old Mirakle account. She is only 70 and no WotLK so I would have my work cut out.

The big factor right now is:
1st my soul (trying to make sure I can handle returning w/o becomming massive addicted again. I was pretty strong when leaving before that I could not handle it, I am hoping I have matured enough since then.)
2nd is my wife (trying to prove to her I can handle it again.)
3rd is the financial cost to get LK, Cata and a monthly (but there may be some solutions for that)

If those check out then you may see me in the next month. So feel free to pray for my heart and my wife's because I would love to see you all again and play/hang with old friends.
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I'd say its pretty easy to play the game casually - right now at least, and likely in Cataclysm.

You farm heroics - something you can do anytime thanks to the dungeon queue system. You don't need to raid 24/7 to get geared. Additionally in Cataclysm you'll be saved to boss fights, not entire dungeons. So if a raid PuG doesn't work out you can drop and find another.

I know you can quit... just have to be willing to parcel up your time.


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you might also consider the package you are getting in April.

my second package caused so many issues before getting here, I had to stop gaming for a while.


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