Intergrated or PCI video cards better?

May I object on the Nvidia>ATI?

ATI has the real technology. x800XT has won varoius test against nVidia's GeForce6800 ultra. x800 Pro has tied (with 12 pipelines) against 6800 GT (with 16 pipelines). x800 series contains more juice.

FX series and Radeons will be fine, but i highly recommend ATI over nVidia. ATI also is more capable of Safe Overclocking with the new VPU Recover option.
See... Overclocking is barely anything worth risking your card for, and ATI drivers have major incompatability problems... the only reason ATI has the strongest card at the moment is because Nvidia is making one then they will have the strongest and it will go back and fourth forver...

By the way didnt Nvidia create the PCI X? which blows away anythgin ATI can come up with using AGP.
1. I check out
ATI Fire GL 9700 X1 Video Card 20 Pack from $11,519.93 Thats Insane!?

2. I'm going to make a poll, Nvidia or ATI video cards, cause debating here is CONFUSING!

3. I don't care about overclocking, I don't even want to tweak stuff I don't know how to. All I care is average - fast Mhz speed, high graphics (My Nvidia TNT 2 is 3.2 gb
) and no problems with any games! Old and New! Price range: $*00 - $*000.