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Ok guys, I am going to tattoo one of my favorite things of my life... My life of Video games... I know I am going to start with an Atari controler for sure, but need some ideas for the rest.

This can be any of the follow:
Items in a game that were iconic

I'll post picture after it is done and as it progresses.

And we can all thank Ewok for making this happen.
You should progress after an Atari controller to an NES controller, then Sega Genesis controller, then ... you get the idea.

Of course, there's always Leviticus 19:28.
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Some one already beat me to saying don't do it. Though I will say I'd feel like a real idiot at 60 years old having blurry game controller stuck on me.
I'm not anti-tattoo, especially if it represents something important to you. However, I lean toward the "if you need input from strangers on the internet, it's probably not time to do it yet" way of thinking. Are you wanting these as separate tattoos (Atari, other thing, other thing...) or are you wanting a single design that incorporates the Atari and some other things?
I definitely lean towards the anti-tattoo mindset. I've seen a couple older preachers who have them who regret them because of the negative stereo type often associated with them and the ministry roadblocks it sets in front of them.

However, I would offer this one piece of advice. Get the design settled then wait a year. If after a year you want to add this permanent piece of artwork to your body then it's probably a safer decision. A year may seem like a long time to wait but it's not when it comes to something that is very difficult, painful and expensive to remove or cover up. And a lot of life happens in a year.
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? - 1 Corinthians 6:19

It [Soloman's Temple] was floored and wainscotted with cedar of Lebanon (1 Kings 6:16), and its walls and floor were overlaid with gold (6:20, 21, 30)

Make what you will.
This isn't a "Shoulld I" or "Shouldn't I" I already have a lot of tattoos so this isn't new to me... I know all th arguements and have studied it and find no issues with decarating my temple with great artwork... My temple isn't plain, it has bright an awesome pictures.

And when we get to heaven we will find out if I was wrong or you, you know for that matter we will not care.
My opinion... if you don't know what you want already... hold off on it. I'm not anti-tattoo at all, I just don't see asking others what YOU will have on YOUR body for the rest of your life.

Although if your going for gaming, you could always have a coin, or gold, etc, because so many games have those.
I love the idea. I'm digging the Atari logo if you don't go the controller route.

Yeah that is on my list and with my tattooist.
Also have a FF sword, Atari controler, WASD, power symbol, little elf girl from Shining Force, Link w/ the life hearts, Space Invaders.... much much more... The plan is to cover shoulder to shoulder at first and end up down my arms to a full sleeve one day.

Also have to get this text:

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While I am not a fan of tatoos on my body. You are surely allowed the freedom to have them on yours in Christ. Just as you are allowed to cut your hair (used to be a sin), get an ear ring (used to be a sin for both men and women) or eat bacon (used to be a sin).

The bacon thing was OT. I know.

But freedom and grace should be our trade marks in my opinion. Rules and laws were never God's main concern. God cares about the inside not the out.
iconic moments:

FF7 Sephiroth kills Aerith and the Materia drops down the platforms
I'm a big fan of symbols over images for tattoos. So Atari controller = cool. Image of a character or iconic moment = probably not, and something more likely to be regretted later.

I like the different controller ideas. Incorporating various logos like the Playstation icon, Zelda triforce, etc. would be a sweet way of doing things, not to mention that by doing something along that line, you could continually update it as games, companies, controllers become important to you, creating a living history of your gaming experience. Just a thought. ;)