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heh, I'm not sure if you mean the handbags or the poet. Either way its false

The person below me has sweated profusely today.

Abba San

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False - only in one of those fancy hotels

The person below me liked the TV show Chuck


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False - Don't watch TV.

The person below likes cornbread and beans. Ooops that is backwards, beans and cornbread is the proper way to say it.

Abba San

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True - Hubert is here in my office.

The person below me enjoys fish for dinner at least once a week


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True - Ugliest dog in the world, two different colored eyes, bow legged, not enuf fur to cover her, pied bald skin showing through.

The person below has a cat for a master.


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(Bunnicula is a children's story about a veggie vampire rabbit, if you have little ones I recommend it.)
The person below me is married with children