Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread


Tribe of Judah Guild Wars Chapter Leader
To join the Legacy of Elijah:
1. Register with the Tribe of Judah (
2. Once processed, post your Tribe of Judah name and your Account ID. (ex. AccountID.1234)
Registering with the Christian Gamers Alliance Forums can assist with step 2. (​

NOTE: Members that are in the LoE guild in Beta now, MUST sign up here to get into the guild after release.

Please only post for a request into the guild. Save welcomes and other home warming comments for the Get To Know Your Guildies thread. The only except would be officer's posting that an invitation has been sent. Thank you :)
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I'm preordering on Thursday so if all goes as planned I should be good to go on release day!

ToJ Name: Phantom
Forum Name: []Phantom
Character Name: Wedge Charr

(Character names are still saved if you link your account right?)


Awww, you know i'll be there.

ToJ handle: TheRaven
GW2 Account Name: The Scarlet Raven.5416
Official Character Names: TBD

Edit: Hey, have 4,999 posts. Quick!! Make the next one special.
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Officer SOE/LoE/Where's "here"?
Do I hafta?

ToJ Handle: Ursen
GW2 Account name: Ursen
Official Character Names: Ursen and TBD


I'll be there if my pc can handle it lol
not sure what to do if i can't jump into Eternal Grove,
last time it was full :confused:

TOJ: Waynos
GW2: Waynos Necro
other GW2 characters haven't been made yet
due to previous pc issues

TS3: Waynos
Mumble: Waynos


New Member
I will be there

TOJ = ajs9990
GW2 - Not sure what name I will be using yet.
GW2 ID - Fire Walker I.1720

See you in game


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TOJ = Taran

GW2: (tentative list, yes, I'm an alt-aholic)
Taran Wildshot = Ranger
Taran Highguard = Guardian
Taran Warbreaker = Warrior
Taran Shadowfoot = Thief
Taran Starbender = Elementalist
Taran Dreamweaver = Mesmer
Taran Forgemaster = Engineer

(I hate Necros so I won't be making one; yes, I intend to acquire two more character slots)


Legacy of Elijah Officer
Sorry, didn't look closely enough at this thread or I would have posted right away. I'm in! I will definitely be playing in GW2 and definitely want to be in the guild.

TOJ = Brydon
GW2 = I don't know yet... I can edit this later maybe?
GW2 ID = Obi Kaybee (don't remember the numbers)


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Back in the world

Woo hoo im back in the real world now and can play games again.

Toj - Sergeant Derp
GW2 - Sergeant Derp.7598
GW2 Toons - Will have to think about that one.


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Much nicer here in the states, have to say I like sleeping in a bed and playing with my kids. But to be honest I like getting shot at more then meetings.


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Staff member
Im in. Not sure how much I will be able to play, but looking forward to it..

ToJ: blsimpson
GW2 id: blsimpson.8940
GW2 Chars: Not sure yet. Last names will be Dicrosi (family name) though.