Prayer for wisdom, guidance, and strength


CGA President, Tribe of Judah Founder & President
Staff member
When I sit down at my computer, I'm often paralyzed by the overwhelming number of things I could do.

Send messages to friends to catch up on their lives and share the latest news in mine. Continue fundraising efforts for the Christian Gamers Alliance. Check Facebook and, if I exercise discernment and wisdom, backspace most of my posts when I'm one or two sentences in. Check Steam sales. Check tech news. Organize the forums, archiving inactive forums and re-ordering others. Send private messages on the forums to ask staff for help or delegate tasks. Post on other forums to help promote the CGA and Tribe of Judah. Post on the CGA Forums to share where I am in this season of life and explain my vision for the Alliance going forward.

But the hardest thing to do, by far, is to take a deep breath, stop stressing about all that needs to be done (especially with a payment deadline looming in mid-July) and instead pray and read Scripture.

I don't have that kind of discipline tonight, so I'm posting to ask everyone in this community to pray that the Lord would grant me wisdom, guide me to set my priorities in line with His will, and the strength to stay focused and stick to a plan that pleases Him.


I'm a late on the news. Anyways I'll pray for wisdom, guidance and strength. In a situation that you need a certain amount of money in a specific time, it is normal to be stressing. It's amazing how God works whatever it may be getting the needed money in the right time or not being able to pay it at all.

I down financially to help here so I'll just pray for it. Special thanks to the generous donor and all the other donors.