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Please pray for my aunt, uncle, and cousins - male age 17 and female age 15. Their mother isn't mentally stable, and has left their father and the family. There has been a history of threats and suicide attempts on my aunt's part. My uncle has stood by her and has done nothing but try to help her.

My 17 year old cousin will be attending college in the fall, but he will be living at home rather than on campus (which I think is a GREAT idea).

They are a Christian family (and my aunt professed to be in the past), and my uncle brings them to church every week. I've never been very close to this uncle, but this situation has shown me just what a great man he is.

Please pray for:
- healing and repentance for my aunt
- strength and a forgiving attitude for my uncle
- courage and stability for my cousins
- opportunity for me to be an encouragement to my uncle
- that God's will be done in the situation and that He be glorified through it

Thanks friends!


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Please pray for my wife, she is going in this Thursday to have a fertility doctor implant some embryos. It would be the desire of our heart to have 2 more kids be introduced to life through this operation.


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Please pray for my hopeful employment. I got a call today from a place a sent my resume to and I have an interview on Monday. Money is getting tighter and tighter these days and this would be an enormous blessing.


Grainman has asked for prayer for his family. They are struggling with the loss of loved ones and during Father's day this is very difficult.

He also would like that his parents are able to find gainful employment and that God would build them up in their marriage.


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I need prayer for my back situation. I hurt my back on monday, and the doctor said i need to do an MRI on it to find out what is going on with it.
I might need surgery, or might not, but i am in sever pain. I do have muscle relaxers now and its helping a bit,
but not to make me feel at a comfortable lvl.

So i would ask for prayer for God's hand to be upon me and in this situation.


I need a prayer for my future employment or plans, a lot of things have fell apart in the last few years and I'm trying to put the pieces back together. I have a job interview next week and I'm hoping that I'll get something out of it. Mostly need direction and a path to follow.

And pray that my grandma becomes less cynical lol.


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My heart is heavy today - for the good ol' U.S. of A.

I thought we were in trouble back in the 60's with cities burning, rioting out of control - a truly horrendous situation with home grown terrorists bombing insensibly... We were in trouble then. But today, I sense a tolling of a bell for this country. There is still much right with America - I think much more right than wrong - yet, we need to pray for this country that has been a bedrock of freedom that is now being systematically torn down from within and without. The false religions of this world only teach bondage - yet, America has been standing on the Biblical principles of freedom since her inception. True freedom, we know, only comes through Christ Jesus. And this country needs turned back toward her Christian foundation.

Maranatha! Lord, please come right away!


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I ask for prayer regarding my employment. I'm looking for a worship director/pastor position but I need to find it locally since we've moved into a house we just bought. I'm also pretty picky about the values and theology of the Church I become a part of. That being said, those jobs are few and far between these days. I am also trying to get back to school soon to further my music studies. I hope to get back soon, because I'm not getting any younger and my brain isn't much of an information sponge to begin with. We are getting closer to a financial position where we can afford for me to go back to school(we're going to own both vehicles in a week! YAY!) Please pray that my family and I can stay on track and that I find work soon. I truly miss that kind of ministry.


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That I can continue to represent God well while going through the Fire Acadamy, and that will lead to some opportunities to talk about Christ.
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Please pray for me as I am having frequent bipolar attacks that cause me to think things that aren't real. I had myself worked up yesterday so much that I was thinking of committing suicide even though my right mind know that I want to live. I am having alot of stress right now. So that may contribute but keep me constantly in you prayers as this is a day to day illness.


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hey Graiman wanted me to post for him that he would like prayer about a conference he is about to attend. He wants the Lord to work through him and allow him to open up with the people and make some new friends. Also he wants us to pray that each person that attends be touched by God and that He does great works through them.


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I need further prayers. The weight of life is really getting me down these days, though I'm trying my best to keep my chin and hopes both up. Seems like I can't work enough and no matter what I do, I always need more than I have just to hit even at the end of the week. Family relations are getting more and more tense back at my parents' place to the point when I don't even wanna be there.


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Well, things just got even crazier at my parents' place. I walked in tonight after working 'til midnight to find my dad sitting on the couch...awake. He handed me a key and said that there were new locks on all the outside doors and that my old key was useless. Said the only conditions were that I made no duplicates and didn't give it to my mother.

My mom is gone...somewhere. She texted me saying she was going to Indiana for a class reunion. However, she won't answer my phone calls...she graduated in '78 and I don't think many people hold 32-year reunions.

Sigh...I have no clue exactly what's going on and my dad he doesn't know nor does he care. Things are ugly right now...really ugly.


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I'm sorry, Nano. I'll be praying for you and your family.

Also, guys, if you could please pray for me. In my walk with the Lord it has been hot and cold through my life as time goes on....I feel I'm in a cold area with it. Pray for the motivation to seek after Him more and have a mind like Christ when making decisions.


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Please pray for someone/the right person to do some Bible Studys for us on Wednesday nights, and for the peace of the fellowship.


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A sister-in-law, who has been very special to me since I was 12, has recently been hospitalized with lactic acidosis - a serious condition precipitated by her diabetes medicine, glucophage. She now has serious enough brain damage that she will need to be placed in a long term rehabilitation facility. Please be in prayer for Jackie and my brother, Paul.

Also, I just found out my eldest brother, Ron, has been hospitalized and in I.C.U. for a heart attack. Ron has not had a healthy life style and needs to get his heart right with the Lord. Pray primarily for his salvation and that he will recover. I do not know the seriousness of his condition other than what I have shared. Ron is a widower.
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