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Quality Wipes Raiding


Hello Everyone,
Mike and I chatted this weekend about our raiding group and how/when to get started. Looks like we'll start out just one night a week at the onset, that being either Friday or Saturday for a 3 hour run. As we get more into the winter months, we can extend that to two nights per week (most likely Mon or Tues). This is what I would call a semi-progressive raid group. Our name is "Quality Wipes" for a reason. :p

However, there are some expectations I'd like to make clear for our group. While I don't expect everyone to be on every day and run daily quests for two hours, there are some bare minimums to abide by:
  • All your gear MUST be gemmed and enchanted.
  • Logging on WoW only to raid will not be enough. Making reasonable attempts to gain rep with Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, Klaxxi, etc and obtaining Valor points for gear is expected.
  • Having Flasks, contributing Banquets (for food buffs) is also expected.
  • Having DBM, WoW mods, TeamSpeak 3, etc.
  • Responding to WoW Calendar invites for raid runs is required. Anyone who hasn't responded by 48 hrs. prior to a schedule run will be removed from the raid that week.
Please re-indicate your interest in running with us below and your agreement on the above. Mike and I will then cobble together the overall group. In the meantime, please try to get your iLvl up! Run LFR, Heroics, get rep grinding done, etc. Some of us are still under iLvl 450, while others are above 470. I'd love to see the balance of us at 470+ before we go into the raid instance. :)

Still hoping to raid with the group, ilvl is 464, already ran the raids a few times with pugs just hoping for a regular raiding spot to get moving. I am online every day getting rep with each faction and attempting to get gear (with very limited drop success)
Hey, Bob. Good to see we are going to get started soon. I am looking forward to it. Golias is leveled and geared to 467 now, 470+ very shortly. Rep is revered with most of the factions (August Celestials still at honored) and banquets are in my bag, yummm. Friday or Saturday is ok with me. Also got the intermittent low FPS issue with the computer fixed, I think. The GPU was overheating and throttling back the clock. Opened the laptop up and pressed on the cooling bars and that seems to have fixed the problem. I really don't want to have to take it apart and repaste it.

Thanks for leading,

John D

PS, For those not yet at 470. Is it possible to do 10 man LFR? Just wondering.
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Kobra is getting there. With the help of Jr and Jacki, I am getting some better gear upgrades and better rep. I would prefer to tank, but I also understand if my gear isn't sufficient, we would need someone else. I will start watching the in game callender for raid nights.
Jermayan is technically over 460 ilvl but that is with my healing and enhance gear :(. Meaghan and I will be working this week to get our gear up to par. Looking forward to getting back into raids again.

PS. While I am currently not working I have been able to play more than Meaghan so she will take a bit longer to gear up.
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John and I vote for Friday and Monday. John's got a little to go cause he had to start at lvl 1 not 85 but is ilvl is coming along at a decent pace. I'd still like to heal. 467 currently but gonna get some VP stuffs soon.
Still hoping to raid with the group, ilvl is 464, already ran the raids a few times with pugs just hoping for a regular raiding spot to get moving. I am online every day getting rep with each faction and attempting to get gear (with very limited drop success)
Thanks for the update. FYI - our two tanking slots are currently filled and we have a monky-type that's next in line if a tank spot opens up. We will let you know on a possible DPS slot for your Retadin. :)
If it is Saturday and not Friday, I would like Esua to join for the one night and I would speak for Anita on Wend. Esua is ilvl 475 with reps near exalted with anyone worth having exalted with. Just remove the low 1000 valor cap and we all would be overgeared in no time.
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Edgrubermann is about 449 as of this writing. Like Jacki said, I'm a little below the curve due to my being a monk. I'm working on GL and Klaxxi (I'm a blacksmith) and banquets.
Meshach is sitting at level 85 and hasn't been played in well over a month, but I'm sure he is so uber anyways he could step in and be op'd! There is the issue of no longer having an account though.....

Good luck guys! I miss the fellowship!
Miss you too! A scroll of res can go a long way to bring you back.

I am planning to heal on Berstromme...my ret set is way behind my healing set...
Hey guys! My computer seems to be on the fritz, so much so that we're gonna do a bunch of interior renovations. I won't be able to play because if I do, the computer shuts down, no bsod, just shuts down. I've lost 4 graphics cards, some ram and I'm not sure what to this computer so I think it's time to move on. This will take me a couple weeks. But my ilvl is ready. I may also be trying to learn John's monk and do some dungeoning for him while he works to help his ilvl.
Hello Everyone!!

First raid night invite sent out for Sat. Nov 17th. :)

Get geared up, grind up that rep, and move that iLvl up as high as you can prior to then. Also, having some banquets and class appropriate flasks is a good thing!
Thanks for the update Bob. Unfortunately Jason and I are out of town that Saturday. My cousin Matt (who is in the guild) is getting married that day.
Oh Hey! I have 20 Pandaren Banquets ready, of course, we'll only need 1 per hour :D. I just really hope I'll have a computer by then :S.
I will be there Bob. I was going to see about making cauldrons with Pawbearer, but found out there are none this time around. Everybody has to have his own or we have to set up something with the guild or assign a raid member(s) to do it. For now Pawbearer is making making mine, but golden lotus are a bit hard to find.
John, I can help with those golden lotus, Esua is a gatherer and trades the spirit of harmonies for golden lotus. Esua is also topped off on fishing and cooking.
Looks like I can probably contribute more to the food side as the banquet we will need is the Panderen Banquet which requires a few things. I ripped this from a site ...

"In addition to Way Banquets, there are 2 Banquets that do not rely on specialisations: Pandaren Banquet and Great Pandaren Banquet. These recipes are purchased with Ironpaw Tokens, but you must also have completed the quest To Be A Master, which requires every Way's 600-skill recipe to be cooked once (detailed below). However, each dish guarantees a 275 stat buff."

I have completed the To Be a Master so I have both recipes.
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Sounds like we will have the banquets covered. Golias also has Master of Ways. After getting Master of Ways, I am so loaded up with banquets that it is going to take quit a while to use them all up.

It is interesting that the individual meals like Mogu Fish Stew and Braised Turtle offer the same or greater benefit than the banquets. The Braised Turtle actually uses less mats for 10 than a single banquet and gives a slightly stronger buff than the Banquet of the Pot and the same as the Pandaren Banquet.
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